You may need to store your car for a long time because of winter or because you are leaving town for a long vacation. Whatever the reason, you will need to put the car in storage while you are away. You can’t just let it sit in your backyard for such a long time. The car could sustain damages if not properly stored. There is a variety of options for storing your car safely depending on where you live and how long you will be away from the car. You could store your car in your garage as long as you are sure it is safe. A safer option is to use a storage unit especially if you don’t have a garage and live in an urban area where storage units are available. There are many storage units north las vegas that offer both indoor and outdoor options.
storing your car

There are necessary steps you need to take to prepare your care for storage.  Let’s look at these steps.

  • Clean up the car

Before storing your car, it is very important for you to clean it thoroughly. You may wonder why you need to do this since the car will be locked away for a long time. The reason is that water stains and bird droppings on the car can damage the paint. After washing the car, dry it and wax it properly. Make sure you clean the inside. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any food crumbs that can attract insects and rodents while the car is in storage. These rodents can damage your wiring and eat up the fabric of your car seats if they gain access to the car.

  • Change the Oil and air filter
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You should consider changing the oil of the car if you are storing it for a long period. This is because used oil has contaminants that can damage your car engine. It may not be necessary to change the oil if you are storing the car for only a week or two. You should also put in a clean air filter.

  • Check your tire pressure

When storing your car, it is important to keep the tires inflated to the recommended tire pressure. Tires develop flat spots when left in one place for a long time especially in cold weather. Flat spots develop because of the effect of the weight of the car on the tire. Most times when a tire develops flat spots, it will need to be replaced.

If you are storing the car for more than three weeks, you can take the wheels off and place the car on jack stands. Though this is tedious, it will save you from spending on new tires when you want to put your car back on the road. The jack stands should be placed on wooden squares to prevent them from sinking. Once you take your car out of storage, check your tire pressure to make sure you can safely use them.

  • Take care of the battery

If your battery will be unattended for a long time, it is best to remove it. Your battery will lose its charge and undergo corrosion over time if not used. Remove it and keep it in a clean dry surface away from the storage facility to prevent cracking. If you insist on leaving the battery in the car, you may have to buy a new one when you are ready to use the car again.

  • Top Off your gas
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Consider filling up your fuel tank if you are storing your car for a long time to prevent moisture from building up inside the tank. You should also add a fuel stabilizer to prevent the gas from deteriorating while in storage.

  • Disengage the Parking Brake

When you leave your car in storage, don’t engage the parking brake. Engaging the brake for too long can make the brake pads and rotors to fuse. Instead of using the parking brake, use tire stoppers to prevent the car from moving when parked.

  • Cover the car properly

You should cover your car even when putting it into storage. Use weatherproof cover if you are storing it outdoors and use a cover that can keep moisture out in humid conditions.

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