Food Crispy When Transporting

How Do You Keep Food Crispy When Transporting?

Many people prepare special meals for different occasions. Some people prepare food such as chicken, French fries and pastries when they want to go to camps or recreational parks. For that reason, they need to prepare and pack the food and make sure that it remains crunchy for the longest time possible. It feels bad when you prepare a delicious crispy chicken, and when it comes to transporting it, you find that it is soggy. You need to learn some tips that will help you keep the food crunchy when transporting. How do you keep food crispy when transporting? Here are some tips.


What are some of the foods people like to travel with?


Before we focus on how to keep food crispy when transporting, it is important we look at some of the favorite foods people like to travel with when they go for recreational parks as well as camps. Many people prefer fried chicken, steak, French fries, fried sweet potatoes among many others. Others prefer baked food such as bread, cakes and many others. When it comes to fried food, people enjoy the taste as well as the crispiness. For that reason, when transporting these kinds of food, it is advisable to make sure that foods remain crunchy and delicious.


When it comes to fried food, there are two types; air fried as well as deep-fried foods. Air fryers are used to prepare air fried food. The food has less fats, and that is a great thing for persons who want to avoid heart problems that are brought by cholesterol and overweight. The kitchen appliance uses hot air to cook food. When it come to deep fryers, food is dipped in hot oil. The food prepared using deep fryers have high levels of fat. Both devices give food that is crunchy and delicious.


How do you keep food crispy when transporting?


One of the main things you need to do is to drain all the oil. Make sure that the food has less oil if it was deep fried. If it was air fried, you don’t need to drain the oil as the food was prepared using less or no oil. After that, you need to let the food cool before you pack. If the transportation is taking place within the next few hours, you need to transport the food using boxes with holes to ensure the box is well ventilated. This ensures that the moisture escapes making sure that the food doesn’t get soggy. You also need to lay some paper towels on the transport container as this will help keep your food fresh and dry.


From above it is evident you can transport food without getting it soggy. You need to have a paper towel which you use on the transporting box to keep the food fresh and dry. On top of that make sure that the transporting container is well-ventilated to let moisture escape and leave the food crunchy. Also, before you pack the food for transportation make sure that the oil is drained and the food has cooled down.


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