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4 Things You Need to Do After a Pedestrian Accident for You to Be Compensated

A pedestrian accident can happen at any time. It is always advisable to observe traffic rules and road signs to ensure you remain safe from these accidents. However, if another person causes a pedestrian accident that leaves you with severe injuries, you can hold them accountable for the loss and damages. You can claim compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and any other damage that the accident caused. If you lose a relative on such an accident, you can also claim for funeral expenses and even loss of victim’s income through wrongful death claim. Below is a brief discussion of 4 things you must do to get compensation after getting injuries through a pedestrian accident.


  • Report the accident to the police and seek treatment


Injuries caused by a pedestrian accident can range from minor to severe ones. If you are severely injured, you should first seek treatment before thinking anything else. You should be taken to a good hospital where your injuries can be checked and treated. If you can make a call, you can contact your relatives to help you report the case to the police. Make sure you get a police report for the pedestrian accident. You will need it in supporting your compensation claim. Also, keep the medical bill as well as the doctor’s report well.


  • If you can collect evidence to support your claim, do it


If you were hit by a careless driver, make sure that you take photos of the scene of the accident. You need to have sufficient evidence to support your claim so that you can get the compensation you deserve. Also, you can take contacts of witnesses who are willing to give testimony on what happened. Collect any evidence you may require for your case, and that will make your compensation claim easy.


Hire a good pedestrian accident lawyer


Many pedestrian accidents victims try to fight for their claims on their own. When they realize they can prove their case, that is when they turn to legal experts. You should take your case seriously and hire a competent Austin pedestrian accident lawyer to handle your compensation case from the start. The lawyer will help you collect the evidence you need to make sure that you get what you deserve. A good lawyer knows all the procedures and will do everything right to help you get paid for the damages and loss caused by the pedestrian accident.


File the compensation claim


You can file a pedestrian accident claim to seek compensation for a wide range of damages as well as loses. You can claim compensation for medical expenses together with lost wages. A good Austin pedestrian accident lawyer will help you know the compensation you deserve and can get easily. With your authorization, he or she can file the claim and follow it up until you get compensated.




It is not easy to get compensation for damages, lost wages, and even medical expenses after a pedestrian accident. However, with the above tips, you can easily get compensated within the shortest time possible. All you need is to have a good pedestrian accident lawyer on your side, preferably from a top law firm like The Law Office of Robert L. Buford, and you will get what you deserve quickly.


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