Difference Between A Truck Accident and An Automobile Accident

In Los Angeles, incidents involving a commercial truck accident are extremely more complex than most automobile accidents. For one thing, you must consider the fact that there are several thousand pounds of more steel that is involved than with regular automobile. Plus, force of the weight that is involved will result in a much stronger impact. Any type of vehicle accident can result in personal injury, but there are several factors that will influence an accident involving a commercial truck requiring the counsel of an attorney who is experienced in this area.

Because there are so many of these factors that can be a part of a cause for an accident involving a commercial truck, a detailed study was conducted in 2007 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the NHTSA that was published.   Their goal was to determine the reasons for serious crashes involving large commercial trucks, which often result in a fatality or serious injury. According to the results of that study, a large majority of accidents were caused by the driver of the commercial truck, either failing to operate the vehicle correctly or due to a physical impairment such as sleep deprivation or DUI.

A smaller percentage of the occurrences were directly affected by the weather or environment, with another rather large majority caused by the vehicle itself. This brings us to the importance of obtaining skilled legal counsel for cases involving commercial trucks.  There are specific regulations, testing, permits, rules and requirements that apply to the operation of commercial trucks to protect the driver, other vehicles on the road and the roadway itself from damage and injuries that could be caused by failure to abide by these rules for commercial trucks.

The first thing to do when you witness such an accident is to report to the nearest authorities. If it’s during the day, you should also check Santa Monica, CA post office hourshereto make contact with the relevant authorities through the postal services offered. Besides, you can also reach an attorney who will help interpret the legal actions to be taken.  An attorney that is familiar with the requirements can provide an excellent defense for the rights of an injured party due to the negligence or non-compliance of the owner and/or operator of the vehicle involved.


The majority of all accidents involving vehicles are often caused by human error, but in the cases involving commercial trucks it is quite apparent that the size and weight of that vehicle will inflict more damage and injury that are parts of the loss that is experienced.  A knowledgeable and skillful attorney can act on your behalf to protect your rights and provide an excellent defense with an aggressive stance as he or she attempts to obtain the verdict and settlement you fully deserve.

While in Los Angeles and specifically at Santa Monica, you can easily discover how to obtain the best defense if you or someone you know has been involved in a commercial truck accident by getting the best way to reach an attorney or the relevant authorities.

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