Parts obsolescence is becoming a more severe issue for parts departments. A glut of old parts might make earning money in the components department challenges. Many factors contribute to high parts obsolescence, such as inventory problems or poor sales volume, but the top contributing factor is a high proportion of unsettled particular order components. Why is it that unsold unique order components make up the majority of obsolete parts? Like VY Commodore parts, distinct order components are essential for the parts sales process. On the other hand, specific order components frequently do not reach the buyer and wind up on the shelf. It can significantly influence the absorption rate of your department and result in a slew of overhead difficulties.

The Obstacles Parts Managers Face

For parts departments, the most challenging problem is abandoned pickup orders. Their clients don’t show up when particular order components are ready for them at the parts counter. What is the reason behind this? According to parts managers, customers, both retail and wholesale, frequently leave part orders at the components desk for one of two reasons. They discovered the identical item for a lower price from a different shop. They are no longer in need of the part they ordered. Parts managers are now faced with increasing parts obsolescence and limited shelf space.

Preventing The Obsolescence Of Parts

The first step in mitigating parts obsolescence is to reduce the likelihood of obtaining more forced stock components. Limiting what enters your inventory might assist you in figuring out where you should focus your efforts to meet your revenue targets. So, what are the things you could do to help with this?

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Recognise Your Inventory

Investigate your inventory to see if you have any outdated parts. What components make up most of your stock? What details account for the tiniest fraction of your store? What kind of particular order components, like VY Commodore parts, do you observe are abandoned vs those that aren’t? Look for methods to enhance your inventory management; component obsolescence is frequently caused by an inventory mistake. Streamlining your inventory operations can help lessen the likelihood of these mistakes occurring.

Concentrate On The Demand

What are the most popular parts of your service department? What are the most often requested particular order components, even if they have never been picked up? Knowing which sections attract the most interest from your clients will help you anticipate what you’ll need and what you want.

Make a Change To Your Return Policy

Many dealers are hesitant to have a return policy, particularly for expensive special order items. While special order items can be costly, they don’t want to promote more returns since it could drive consumers away from their dealership. Having a liberal return policy, on the other hand, can help you maintain consumers without sacrificing too much money. Limit the amount of time a particular order component can be returned. Dealers can use a flexible return approach to reduce the number of unique parts (order) returns depending on the scenario. If replaced components do not make up the majority of your required stock parts, check into other areas to figure out where your biggest problem is.

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Higher part obsolescence, such as VY components, does not have to stifle your parts sales. Determine your most pressing issues and employ these strategies to help you reduce obsolescence, benefit from obsolete components, and expand your client base.

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