Tires are an important part of a car since they are subjected to all the pressure of the vehicle.  For this reason they are made of high grade material making them last for a long period even if you offer your car for hire.  Most of the modern tires are made by a combination of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other chemical compounds. Since they are always in contact with the ground, they are affected by environmentcondition such weather and the condition of the road, a good tire should last between 30,000 Kms  to 80,000Kms. Here are some useful tips to help you extend the life of tires before you buy a new one.

Tire Pressure

Under-inflated tires result to its damage. Low pressure makes the tire surface get in contact with the road. This causes more friction and heat reducing the life of the tire. Low pressure tires can be a factor in accident since they can cause blowout while in motion making the car loose control. It is always advisable to check the tire pressure using pressure –gaugeregularly since in some instances you cannot tell using naked eyes.

Wheel Balancing

When one side of the car feels heavier than the other, or the car tends to be unbalanced, this is an indication the tires need wheel balancing. With this fault the tires wear out faster due to vibrations,this also make the drive unpleasant. At high speeds the car suspension and steering system are also damaged. It is necessary to go wheel balancing every time you replace a tire.

Wheel Alignment

Driving on uneven roads it can have effect on wheel alignment of a car. With an improper wheel alignment, it can alter car handling and increase the rate at which the tires wear out. It should you surprise also to see fuel consumption increase. At any point the car does not feel normal while driving it is advisable to take it to a wheel specialist for wheel alignment.

Maintain Rear Tires

The rear are usually not connected tothe steering unlike the front wheels in FWD cars. This make it challenging to know the tractions available on the back section of the car. It is always advisable to have the less worn out tires at the back. This increase the traction improving the way in which the car stop, it reduces the risk of losing control while on high speeds.

Look For Internal Damages

It a good habit to always take your tires to be inspected for internal damages by an expert.  Inner inspection can help to detect hidden air leakages, which can be can lead to flat tire or even tire blowouts which is risky at high speeds.

Avoid Overloading

Always check the tires maximum load capacity against the tire load index. Once you overload it causes heat buildup increasing the probability of sudden blowouts. With excess load it is challenging to control the car thus putting your in danger. Always respect the tires max load capacity, you not only save the tire but most important your life and that of others.

Saying Goodbye

Once the time comes it is always good to say goodbye to the old tire. It is a safety measure to replace old tires with new ones. Keep track of the miles covered by the tires and replace them in accordance to the manufactures instructions. Most tires have an age limit hence they should be replaced when their time comes regardless even if they may seem healthy. All in all you might consider take it to a yard as a car for sale, and with better tires fetch a better offer.

Carry a Spare Wheel

It does not matter how careful you are, disasters still happen. A spare wheel is the best friend when emergency arises. It offers you a piece of mind during those long journeys in the middle of nowhere. The spare wheel gives you a chance to get to the nearest tire station and have the original tire fixed.

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