Language and literacy are major drivers of civilization and inventions. Language evolves over time and they reflect our cultural and societal attitudes. In the current world we are surrounded by social media, movies,television, billboards and the books of course, the ability to read and write is very crucial. Crucial in expressing yourself, and forming an identity.  Humans acquire language in early stages of life, and can be able to speak from 3 years of age. With time the interaction with language gives them shape and meaning of life.  Here are some ways to become a better reader

Take it slow

Never feel like you read too slowly compared to others.  The truth of the matter is the faster you read the less likely you are going to comprehend anything. A good reader should be flexible, taking it slow and fast when situations call for that. Where complex concepts and there are a number of unknown words you got to have to take it slow, make sure you have a dictionary at hand.  At the end of every paragraph make sure take time to absorb whatever was being communicated. If everything is not clear do not hesitate to reread to the passage. When it comes to dissertation writing always look for help.

Read aloud

Reading aloud is one of the best ways to improve your ability. You can also recall or see young children are taught to read aloud written words. This makes them grasp the words fast, it not different for adults too. With time you begin to read the words more accurately and acquire a better vocal expression.

Feel it

As a reader the most powerful moment is when a reader is in the lives of an imagined hero and feels to be part of him. As you read, let the language inform your pace, give pause to important gestures and dialogue, and allow striking ideas to simmer. In no time, you’ll be appreciating novels like fine wine.


Composing and perusing go connected at the how and what you read influences how and what you compose, and the best readers regularly make the best authors. In any case, while much can be gained from close, rehashed readings, there are numerous shrouded joys to dialect that must be experienced through the act of writing. Try composing each day for multi month you will never read at the equivalent again. You may consult nursing writers for hire to guide you.

Tell your friends

All of writing is basically correspondence from a person’s inward voice to a crowd of people. In spite of the fact that Franz Kafka’s diminishing wish was that the majority of his works—written in lack of clarity, regularly late during the evening, and generally unpublished—be scorched, aren’t we happy his companion, Max Brod, didn’t tune in? There is something mystical about offering books to companions or a book club. It’s a decent method to see the world from another person’s eyes and, all the while, fundamentally inspect your very own response to what you’re perusing. Talk to dissertation coach for more help.

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