In our modern world,life in college can sometimes be hectic. Of course, we all know the challenges of juggling classes, part-time jobs, and extracurricular activities. Time presses everyone and it is possible to get disorganized. The good thing is that there are essential apps designed to make campus easier and enjoyable. These apps are important in helping you find a host of almost everything i.e. students clothing discounts, the timely arrival of the next train or bus, class schedule etc. below is a list of apps that will make your college life easier, exciting, and enjoyable.

BU Mobile

The phone is just designed for college life. The mobile has an interactive map app that enables students to trackthe time of the bus arrival which is lifesaving,especially during cold winter days. With the app, it is easier to access the academic calendar, staff and student directory, campus maps, a comprehensive list of faculties, courses, subjects, and much more. On top of that, the app has an emergency feature for accessing the police department. Notably, the phone has a range of emergence of service providers.

BU Bookstore

Another must-have app. BU Bookstore app simplifies buying a range of things from textbooks, supplies to clothing more effective, efficient, and easier than ever. Students will also enjoy special promotions and coupons, as well as important store event information. With the app, you will be able to track your bookstore status and sending reminders about the due date of returning rented books. You can also access online dissertation coach help.

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The app is beneficial to students because it enables an easier registration without the need of printing out physical tickets. It is possible to search for events by filtering and sorting out events by city, category, date, and mood, such as outdoor adventurers, free popular events, fun,and budget. Whether it is parties, music, food, you will definitely find something exciting to do the app.


For college students interested in saving on accessories, apparel, and many more this is the app for the job. The app offers a wide variety of discounts on many popular brands, like New Balance, Bed Bath and Beyond, American Apparel, among many more. This deals can only be accessed by verifying your college enrollment. So take advantage of the app to buy persuasive essay online from reliable writers.


Any students who have lived for a long time in Boston knows that MBTA transportation is not dependable. The passengeris always annoyed and inconvenienced to know that by the time they are arriving at a bus stop only to find that they have missed a bus or train. The app is able to show how far one is from the bus station. For those not familiar with the neighborhood the app enables you to find T stations.


Uber has become the preferred mode of transport not only to working class but also students. The app is a ride sharing app. Uber provides affordable and quick means of arriving at your destination especially if the area is within a walking distance or not open to public transportation.

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This Article Originally posted on January 3, 2020 @ 7:56 pm

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