Have you ever wondered why homeschooling is rapidly increasing? Of course, all children are sent to school, that is obvious to everyone. But supposing it is not the right of the child to be taken to school, would homeschooling increase sharply? It is not surprising to conclude that the trend would increase. Many types of researchindicate that the figures forhomeschooling are on the rise as many parents are preferring homeschooling.

In the modern world, many parents are considering homeschooling as the best option of the last resort. Some of the factors that make parents take this desperate move includes huge workload which makes many children struggle in their learning process, high social expectations, and the effects of school bullying which has an adverse effect on the mental health of the children. In some cases online economics homework help can always offer assistance to those complex tasks.

Many parents are alarmed by the mental health of their children associate with schooling. In today’s world, many schools are often over-crowded and as a result, many students are seen struggling with the learning process as it is difficult to receive effective help in a search a learning environment. Many teachers often overlook those students who are behaving well and are able to comprehend much faster and tend to turn their focus on slow learners and undisciplined children. The effect is that the left out students feel lost and thus develops low esteem which affects their learning confidence. So as a result parents tend to introduce homeschooling to help build their confidence with face to face learning. Again, schooling is associated with lots of strains and stress as learners have to arrive in school every day on time, must be perfectly dressed and complete all their home-works to avoid punishment. Some students are not able to meet those conditions leading to anxiety and depression.

Additionally, many learning institutions are associated with bullying which is much worse in the current world. This phenomenon is on the rise due to the increasing usage of mobile phones and social media which has made escaping the vice a mission impossible. Many students are trapped in this anti-social behavior as they are consistently harassed and hounded whether in school, at home or online. Bullying highly affects the mental health of children which has a direct severe impact on their studies. Moreover, bullying affects the lives of students for life and it is possible for some students to develop adverse health effects in their entire life.

In conclusion,therefore, it is not surprising to see the ever-growing trend of homeschooling. this has also been enabled even in the higher level through services like dissertation writers for hire. Besides, most parents are interested in providing good quality education in a much safe learning environment. Parents are worried about the education system because to a larger extent it risks the mental health of their children. The effects are that many children are left feeling depressed, self-harming, and suicidal and struggling with life. Many parents are concerned about the safety of their children and such incidences as bullying do not assure the safety of their children, and therefore homeschooling has become the better option to most parents.

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