Why should you study law

Why should you study law?

If you aren’t sure whether law is the right subject for you, here are some factors to take into consideration


There are endless benefits to choosing a degree subject like law. Law gives you the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and explore many of the world’s most current and important issues. It can help you understand the world around you, giving you a unique insight into the subject areas that interest you most. The skills you pick up from a degree in law can help you find the knowledge, expertise and confidence to succeed in a range of different roles.

Of course, this does come at the price of hard work. Law is widely seen as one of the most demanding degrees you can choose to undertake, involving exams, projects, tough problem solving and plenty of reading. So why do it? We’re here to tell you. Here are 6 reasons why law might be right for you.

You’ll boost your knowledge of the world considerably

Law requires you to obtain a deeper understanding about the world around you, because law does impact on practically every aspect of modern life. Not only will you learn about the legalities of different situations, you’ll also gain a greater understanding of some of the most potent political, social and cultural issues impacting the world today. You’ll learn how the law comes together, how a law is passed, and how the law impacts on many other aspects of life such as history, criminology and philosophy.

Your studies will impact every aspect of your life

You may be surprised to learn that law is actually a very emotive subject. It may have a reputation for book-crunching and problem-solving, but law involves so much more than that. Studying law means learning about people from all walks of life, seeing situations from new perspectives and addressing issues that can be challenging and emotive. In short, it can completely change your outlook on life.

You’ll be able to talk about the law effectively and confidently

From an outside perspective, you’d be forgiven for thinking law is a complex subject full of legal jargon. However, when you study the subject you’ll quickly learn how to get around even the most complex legal factors, and that complex jargon you were so worried about will soon be part of your normal vocabulary. This will provide you with the vital skill of being able to talk about law simply and clearly, offering informed opinions on contentious subjects with confidence that you know what you’re talking about.

You’ll become skilled as well as knowledgeable

When you walk out of university with your law degree under your belt, you’ll have acquired so much more than legal knowledge. Making it through an intense degree in law will provide you with vital life skills which can help you no matter what industry you end up in. The ability to solve problems effectively, state your case clearly, keep a cool head and take constructive criticism gracefully are all key skills that will make you a desirable candidate for a variety of job roles, be it government-based, international, voluntary or business-related. A law degree will greatly enhance your career prospects.

Choosing your university subject can feel like a huge decision, and one you want to get right. If you think law might be for you, a great way to be sure is with a two week law summer school course from Immerse Education in Cambridge. This will give you a taste of university life and allow you to get a head start on your law studies before your degree even starts.


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