There comes a time you have to be away from home, which comes with mixed feelings. Most of us experience an excitement when starting university.  This does not last for long and some other feeling kicks in, you feel depressed, lonely and sometimes longing for your parents. You remember home cooked meal and all you want to do is to run home and have a taste of it, everything else lacks taste. Being away at university or collage is an important step that gives you skills that would be helpful later in life.  As much we would not want it, we have to be out there molding our future. Here are some tips to teach you how to deal with homesickness at university

Have a Routine

Our brain likesto follow some routine and habits, this helps us to do things without thinking much. With a routine the brain assumes the action you do every day are normal. If you have more time available look for extra activities to do like sign up weekly classes,write essaysgo for grocery shopping on specific day or have a cleaning schedule that you stick to. By doing this things for a number of times you will be able to overcome homesickness.

Add Some Home Comforts In Your New Residence.

When moving from home make sure you take some personal favorite items fromyour room.  It may range from your bed sheets, pillow or a family photo. You should not shy off to carry any item that you feel is favorite, you might be surprised to see what your roommates carried. When I got admitted in the university I stacked a number of my family and friends pictures in my room, seeing these pictures made me feel they supported me all along.

Join A Social Club.

With so many diverse clubs available in the university, you would definitely find one that is in line with what you like. You get a chance to practice your hobby while learning for your degree. You might to check history club.Do not seclude yourself in the room. Spending too much time alone tags along a bad mood. Go out do what you love, explore the new city. This brings a relaxation feeling and all the thoughts of you missing home become a thing of the past.

Do Not Feel Bad About It

Dealing with homesickness is bad enough, do not make it worse by beating yourself up for having the feeling. This is a normal human condition which can be experienced by anyone.  There are many people in the same boat with you, always remember that and you will come out of it with time. Stay positive, when you are down do things that make you feel good about yourself. Whether it’s going to local pub for a cocktail or just having a hot bath. Positivity attracts people and if an upbeat person you will be surprised how you will make many friends.

Remind Yourself of Your Goals

Also remember why you are in the university, if your dream in to become a doctor, then you must study medicine. Are you learning a new language so that you can be able to write argumentative essays?Whatever you want to be always keep your goals in the back of your head. If all this does not work, seek some professional help. We are not the same and what might to you might not work on another person, if fails all there are always professionals ready to listen to you.

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