Success of a good road trip is determined by the time taken to prepare. Here are some of the things you should plan to carry in you next trip.

A Road Atlas

As much as technology is amazing and efficient in most instances, we all agree there are times things do not work.  We rely on our cell phone for directions, things get messy when you go to areas where phone loses its cell service. At this point a road atlas will be of help when technology fails. An atlas help you see the bigger picture view of where you are heading.

First Aid And Safety Kits

Accident come unannounced, hence it is good to always be prepared.  A first aid kit is important for on the go treatment. It should have the essentials, adhesive bandages, gauze, tape, antibiotics ointments, antiseptics wipes, thermometer, and other basic first aid components. For car emergency make sure you have car emergency kit which has a number of things like jumper cables and flashlights with extra batteries. Make it safe as long as you have not posted it as a used car for sale.

Cleaning Supplies

To ensure you do not pollute the environment, have small litter bin while you are on the go. This will help you avoid getting in trouble with the authorities of the area you are passing by. To maintain hygienecarry some disinfecting wipes and paper towels.

ComfortableBlanket And Pillows

You might travel in areas with cooler weather hence some blankets would be nice to keep you warm. As much as the car AC might be working it is not advisable to keep it on for long. Pillows are come in handy when you are driving straight of overnight and you can use them to add some extracomfort.

Snacks And Drinks

Instead of stopping at the gas stations or at fast food joints it is cheap and healthy to load a cooler with some of your favorite edibles. You may thank yourself later when you find what you love snaking is not available in in other places.


Some games and activity books will in a great way help you pass time while on the road trip.  Try games that involve everyone in the car, this keep everyone active, like the alphabet road sign game. How to play, each player is takes a number of alphabetsand finds words starting with his/her letters. You get this words from billboardadvertisements, road signs, buildings, basically any writing along the road. The first player to fill all the letters win.

A Good Variety Of Music

Get those songs that everyone can sign along, you may even decide to have karaoke on the go. This makes the trip very interesting. Ask you companions for the list of their favorite music and make sure you have them loaded in a flash disk.  If you had taken a car hire service, take a car with good sound system and you will have a memorable trip, you never know you might awaken your signing talent.

Dash Cam

Document you journey with a dash camera.  They might capture something you missed and you have a chance to see it later. You can use the video to show some friends, you never know they might plan another trip and ask you to join them. The dash cam be used for security matter, in case an accident occurs you can be able to tell exactly what happened.

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