Do you love your car? A little love will go a long way to ensure you take care it of it. Normal servicing, the right tires and in good condition, wheel alignment for sure make a big difference of influencing the life and performance of a car. A car that is well maintained use 10-20% less fuel than one that is poorly maintained. Are you planning to buy a car? Here are some tips to economize your fuel

Lose some weight

Unnecessary weight in your car leads to more consumption of fuel particularly during acceleration. Any heavy stuff in your boot and you do not need it, it is high time you do away with it. On average loosing 100 improves fuel economy by 2%.  The same concept is applied when manufacturing fuels efficientvehicles, just make them light, and for that reason they are small.

Do not be a drag.

When a car gets 30mph, it uses more energy to overcome wind resistance compared to one used to fighting rolling resistance. Always let your car to be aerodynamic as possible on those high way drives. Having the sunroof and windows open also results to increase in resistance.

Be a smooth operator

A quick acceleration strains your legs, the same effect happens on the motor.  Very slow acceleration is not good too, this limits fuel economy by since it keeps the car at lower gear for too long. On average one should take 15-20 seconds to get 50mph. This can change depending on the engine size and the road terrain.  This combines a gentle start within the low gears and a high shift in the middle gears before settling on fuel speed of 40-50mph on top gears.

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On the efficient speeds maintain a constant pace, by avoiding accelerating and decelerating regularly. This is the point where cruise control can help.  When it comes to braking, do it less often since it uses kinetic energy turning it to waste heat.  It is estimate that aggressive driving eats up gas mileage by up to 33%. Smooth is more relaxed safer and better for your car. Be slow even of it is that car for hire

Do not be a revhead.

Over revving a car is among the ways of wasting fuel.  Continued testing shows one should change up gear before getting to 2500 revs. On some cars which are more fuel economy it can be lesser than that.

Watch the top speed.

Gas consumption is minimum at speeds of 2055mph when the car is at top gear.  This varies depending on the engine, weight, gearing and drag, but above 60 mph the efficiency starts to drop. Research shows above 50 mph additional 10 mph reduces fuel efficiency by 14%. It is with no doubt slowing down improves fuel economy considerably.

Don not be idle

Modern car do need much time to warm up. Giving it time warm just wastes fuels. If you are waiting for someone at the store or in a stationary traffic it is economical to switch it off.

Easy on air condition

As much as electrical gadgets do not use energy of the car. When the air condition is switched on at low speeds it has shown that it reduces fuel economy by 10%.

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Avoid traffic.

Sounds silly since no one goes looking for traffic. As earlier stated idling results to high fuel consumption.  Although it is easier said than done, always plan ahead, check radio and smart phone for traffic updates

This Article Originally posted on January 3, 2020 @ 7:49 pm

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