A good introduction in a persuasive essay can be compared to a good opening statement in trial. Just like a lawyer the writer must bring forth the issues at hand and clearly state his main argument. All this should be presented in a persuasive, logical and intellectual way.

Good writer should start with a hook, astatement that gets the reader interested. It captures the readers’ interest, start with a personal story or simply an interesting question. For example if you are arguing why smoking should be banned. Give the statistics on the number of deaths caused by smoking, “Do you know tobacco use kills, more people than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined?” This grabs the reader’s attention and they get prepared to hear more.

Include a background.

Having some background information on the topic gives the chance the reader to have an understanding of the topic.  This offers the context history which is crucial to explain why you can up with your argument point. If persuasive essay is on reduction of military budget in the country.  The introduction should have information on the history of militarybudgets over time, this should help you build on your arguments.

State the thesis

Have a good thesis. In one clear sentence sum up what the argument will entail.  The thesis statement should give your position on the topic, it gives a chance the reader to argue against. It highly relies on personal opinion hence it should not be factual.  For example given a topic on war, you can come with a thesis stating, “Women should not be allowed to join the military since they are not good working as a team”. You can buy persuasive essay

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At the introduction you should not describe arguments or provide analysis. This belongs to the body paragraphs.  All the introduction should do is set a point of argument, but not lay out evidence to support. On the body section the reader want to hear supporting points. Kick of every paragraph with a convincingsentence. Have at least two supporting evidences to back up your idea. It is important to always to use credible sources, this further convinces the reader your ideas make sense.

What to include in the body

For a comprehensive argumentative essay, it is right for you give some little argument on ideas that contradicts your essay. The reader feels you have done enough research and your side is the better option. Get inspired by fresh ideas, do not always take the commons topics. Give the readers a fresh approach and new ideas.  In the current times there are unlimited topics online, books and also exploring essays from other authors. The main point of the persuasive essay is to convince the readers of the truth of your point of view. If everything sound challenging get help from professional dissertation coach


The conclusion paragraph should be the summary of the points. Always paraphrase the thesis statement that was included in the introduction.  Also write the arguments from the other paragraphs, to further convince the reader of your position. It helps to through some visual images relevant to the topic.

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