Your boat needs to be put into storage for the winter after using it throughout the summer. This is to protect it from the harsh weather of winter. There are certain things you need to do before putting your boat into a storage unit Oceanside.

Here are tips to help you prepare your boat for storage.

The first thing to do once you have hauled your boat out of the water for storage is to clean it. Give the hull a thorough scrub. Ensure that the interior is free of trash, food items and crumbs. Remove any slime and barnacle from the boat’s exterior. Clean out the refrigerator and get rid of anything that could spoil if left over the winter. Clean any metal surface susceptible to rust. Allow the seacocks to drain properly. If your boat has vinyl upholstery, clean it thoroughly and coat it with a good protective spray.

After cleaning the boat, you need to get it dry before putting it into storage. Drain the water by raising the bow. After draining the water, give enough time for any remaining moisture to evaporate before putting the boat into storage.

  • Change the engine oil

The engine oil needs to be changed before you put the boat into storage. It is possible for some water or acid to get into your oil while using the boat during the summer. This can cause engine corrosion if not removed. This is why it is important for you to change the oil before putting into storage for the long winter. You should also replace the filter as you change the oil.

  • Change the antifreeze and apply fogging oil

You need to drain out your coolant and add new antifreeze to ensure that the components in your boat’s engine won’t freeze and undergo corrosion over the winter. The antifreeze should be diluted to the proper specification of your boat. Spray fogging oil into your engine’s spark plug or carburetor to preserve them throughout the winter.

  • Loosen or remove the drive belt

The drivebelts need to be protectedduring the long winter season. You can either loosening the drive belts significantly or remove them entirely and place them into storage until when you want to use the boat again.

If you do not loosen or remove the drive belts, it will make them remain in tension during the long winter. This could cause them to develop cracks because of the freezing process.

  • Protect all the joints

All joints should be greased before putting the boat into storage. The steering and control mechanisms should be protected with grease to ensure that they can still move smoothly.

  • Disconnect the battery and fill the gas tank

If you leave your battery connected over the winter, it can drain. It is best to disconnect it and top it off with small quantities of distilled water. You should also fill up the gas tank. Leaving the gas tank empty or half full can lead to condensation and corrosion.

  • Wax the boat

It is good to give you’re a boat a wax job before putting it into storage. Wax prevents rust and corrosion thus helping to maintain the beauty of your boat.

  • Cover it

Your boat needs to be covered especially if you use an outdoor storage facility. This will prevent it from collecting any dust while in storage. There are different covers for your boat depending on your budget.

The plastic tarp is the cheapest and most convenient cover for your boat. They are cheap and fairly fit around your boat. This cover allows for airflow to prevent mildew and mold from forming on the boat. Since they are cheap, the quality is not that great. You will replace them every year because they can only last one winter.

The shrink wrap is a better and popular option. These fit your boat perfectly. They are usually air-tight but you can install vents to provide airflow if you so desire.

Ensure that your boat cover is securely fastened to prevent high winds from tearing it loose especially if you use an outdoor storage option.

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