Classic cars are investments. When you own a classic you want to have it in pristine conditions all the time. Many people who own classic cars also own other regular vehicles that they use on a daily basis. Also, most classics need to be well preserved during winter so that they are protected from the harsh weather elements. Vehicle storage is also common with people who take long vacations, those who work abroad like the military and those who own more than one vehicle. Storage units Oklahoma City can offer a solution when you want to store your classic car or vehicle for long.

Before you store your car in a storage unit you need first to get the right one for you. For car storage, the storage unit should be one that offers climate controlled storage. This is to prevent damage from occurring to the car due to the weather elements. For instance, high humidity and moisture can cause rusting of the car parts. Moisture and condensation may also get to the interior of the car causing water damage inside and mold growth. The storage unit also needs to be one that is well secured so that your investment is protected.

Storing a car is unlike storing other items. There are many components to a car which can get damaged and therefore need to be protected. It is therefore critical that the car is properly prepped prior to storage. Here are some of the things you will need to do before storing your classic to ensure that it is in excellent shape when you are driving out.

Fill up the fuel – experts recommend that the fuel tank is filled before long-term storage. After filling the tank add a fuel stabilizer to prevent a breakdown of the fuel. If you will not fill it up completely it is required that it is not below a quarter full. Having fuel in the tank will prevent excess moisture buildup in the tank and other spaces in the system which can cause the tank to rust.

Change the fluids – another thing to do before driving your classic to thestorage units Oklahoma City is to change the oil. Change the oil and also the oil filter. Old oil can lead to rusting of the engine. After changing the oil drive the car for a few miles to ensure that the oil distributes well in the engine.

Wash the car thoroughly – you should ensure that your car is extremely clean before storage. Clean the interior ensuring that it is spotless. Leaving even small pieces of crumbs in the car can lead to bad odors, pest attack and stains on the car. The exterior should also be cleaned thoroughly and detailed. Ensure that it is waxed and looking the best. Waxing protects the coating of the car for the time it is in storage.

Fill the tires – the tires need to be filled to the recommended PSI before storage. It is also recommended that you jack up the car. Lifting it off the ground will take the pressure of the suspension and the tires. That will, in turn, protect the tires from going flat.

Remove the battery and spark plugs – It is recommended that you remove the battery of the car when putting it in the storage units. This will ensure that the battery doesn’t run out of charge quickly. It also prevents the battery from corrosion. Removing the spark plugs prevents any unauthorized person from being able to drive your car just that easily.

Cover your car – finally when everything has been taken care of then you should cover your car. Covering protects the car from dust and keeps the paint looking fresh. Use a cotton cover rather than plastic since plastic covers encourage condensation and moisture buildup.

With these tips in mind and the right storage units Oklahoma City you can be sure that your car will be in pristine condition when you are picking it up. A storage unit can really help you to maintain the value of your classic car by keeping it looking great for long. It also keeps unnecessary maintenance and repair expenses on the minimum.

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