Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Vehicle

There are many reasons to that can make you decide to buy a used car instead of new one. In most cases while looking to buy usedcar you are tight o budget or you have been spending a lot on car hire services.  This does not mean you need to purchase a compromised vehicle.  There are many options to choose from in the market, we have outlined a number of things to consider before settling on that one car.

Early planning

You need to clear defined purpose and a budget.  The kind of budget one has decides the car you will eventually buy.  With an idea of the cars within your budget, you are in the first step to buy a car.  This includes some specifications like engine specifications, model, year of manufactureand features. You need to plan on how to make your payments.  Different sellers accept different options such as bank transfer, direct cash or bank loan, this are just a few. With this in mind make a list of all the car that fit or are close to the specifications start your search in the jungle of vehicle.

Inspect the exterior

Assuming you have found the car, the basic thing to do is to give the car a visual inspection.  Look for possible signs of damage, repaints and accidents. A bad exterior is a clear indication of extensive and abusive use, this is definitely not what you want. Anyone can detect damaged parts, color variations on the body shows possibility of repaint or heat damage.

Inspect Interior

Having checked the exterior, it’s time to check the interiorwhere you spend some time.  A well maintained car is attractive inside and since you will be spending time inside it has effect on your health.  Explore the situation of the seats, floor mats, carpets and electronics.  Believe me there would be enough bacteria in a dirty interior to make you sick. Check all the electronics namely lights, heaters, A/C, safety belts, hydraulics basically all the interior equipment.  Worn out seats, steering wheel, and malfunctioning buttons show a baldy maintained interior.

Look under the hood

A car involved in accident has a probability the owner have changed or repaired engine or any other component. Replacing component is not an indication the vehicle is not in good condition since a lot get damaged over a period of time in use.  It is important to check use ofnon-genuine parts. Unconventional start noises, missing plugs, white smoke are commons signs of engine overhaul.  This can later be a problem.  Use of substandard parts affects negatively the performance of the car.  To make sure you restore its performance means you will have to use a lot of cash which is not ideal. You save yourself much trouble later by taking a car with genuine parts.

Test drive

Once the car has passed all the other steps, is time to take it for test drive.  This is the point where you make you make or break the deal. The reason this part is very vital is because the drive gives you feel of the car while in motion.  There are a number of things you can detect, unbalanced ride, interior, vibrations, steering response, and engine condition. If the ride is not smooth even on good roads, these are indicators of worn and torn tire, shocks or springs.  Although this are things that can be fixed and not a major issuesthe replacements are usually costly. Depending on the value set by the seller you might consider to buy and replace them.

Validations and security check

Now that you are satisfied with the vehicle it time to cruise home, but wait one more thing.  You need to check If the can seller is actual the car owner, this applies if you are buying the car from an individual and not a car dealer. Ask for owners ID number and the vehicle registration number. This details while presented to the relevant authorities you can be able to get the history of both the car and the seller.  If everything check out, congratulations you now own a wonderful car.

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