There are so many classic sunglasses styles, each with their own equally impressive features. They include:

Round Frames

Round glasses are great because they are so flexible in regard to style. They are classic yet always modern, and they are playful yet can also look serious.

As well as ensuring they’re worn by the right face shape (square or oval, with angular features), some believe they should also match an individual’s style. If your wardrobe is made up of neutral tones and your look is pared back and minimalist, consider going for clear or black frames with dark lenses. To make more of a statement, try a light tortoiseshell frame or gradient coloured lens.

Keyhole Nose

This sunglass can be applied to any shape and it suits a range of faces. It is a detail that most people can carry and the keyhole adds a touch of individuality without being overstated or showy. It’s for the man or woman who wants to be noticed while still having a casual and elegant approach.

The keyhole nose style is a classic and is easy to dress up with any kind of clothing.


This frame suits those with square faces best, but because of its pop culture associations, experts advise against wearing them with anything that could appear flashy.

Square Frames

To keep the old-school appeal alive, experts advise opting for a look that channels the French Riviera. A pair in tortoiseshell teamed with a crisp white polo shirt and beige chinos, topped off with a pair of summer shoes, is the perfect smart summer look.


These frames are recognisable by their clean lines and subtle curves. The simplicity but distinctiveness of the frames, coupled with their lack of anything particularly tricky in terms of finish are part of what has given them style longevity. And the fact they pretty much go with anything is, naturally, a bonus.


The clubmasters have been a key part of styling sunglasses for years. It’s a sophisticated twist on the more casual wayfarer. Pair with a great suit, or a shirt and trousers combo and you’re guaranteed to look sharp.

For a next-level styling move, you can also match the metals on pieces like a watch or tie bar with the colour of the metal accents on the glasses.

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