A pair of sunglasses is almost a necessity for your fashion needs regardless the month and temperature outside! Other than being used to protect eyes from harmful rays of sun; the sunglasses are an integral part of fashion statement. Nowadays, everyone wants to look fashionable no matter what season it is. Every fashion aficionado knows that eyewear is the gloss to any outfit, and need to be perfectly chosen. Sunglasses are available in all colors,   patterns, shapes, and shades; which can change your world immensely. Investing in sunglasses business could be lucrative and profitability could be even increased if you explore Chinese wholesale market as your sunglasses manufacturer and supplier. If you are looking for the best fashion sunglasses manufacturer and suppliers in China then here you go with a wide selection of casual, sporty, swanky, and stylish sunglasses. You can find customized sunglasses solution with variety of colours, patterns, and shapes. This guide will help you find fashion sunglasses supplier which suits your requirement and business.

There are different types of fashion sunglasses available which vary in shapes, colors, and type of frame. The trends in shape of frame include everything from classic round lenses to oversize & micro cat-eyed and vintage browline frames. Unique colourful sunglasses are there to satiate your desire for vibrancies. The frame type varies from metal frame, plastic frame, to single lens sunglasses, each one suitable for a particular person or occasion. There is an increasingly directional shift for fashion sunglasses trends for 2019 as compared to 2018; nevertheless, most of the fashion designers are using trendy stand-out frames to strengthen their designer gear.  Some of them are listed below:

  1. Nineties inspired mini glasses with micro-cat eye finish: Micro eyewear is sticking around, this time it’s all about the teeny cat eyes with plain and patterned frame style.
  2. Blending lenses with the frame color: Matching the lenses to the frames became official when Tibi sent its models down the runway wearing candy-coloured sunglasses, which was later followed by Versace, Kate Spade and Pamella Roland.
  3. Come back of seventies bifocal sunglasses: Just like the pair your Granddad used to wear, thick-framed spectacles became the rage at Boss and Burberry.
  4. Bold oversized Visor sunglasses: Bold, Terminator-style shades were evident on the catwalks of 3.1 Phillip Lim, Stella McCartney and Iceberg alike.
  5. Mirrored sunglasses: The mirrored sunglasses are now a new companion for adventurous people. It allows you to look a little different.
  6. Red lens sunglasses: a pair of red lens sunglasses is the new style statement in 2019, as these sunglasses were the most prevalent on the runway in fashion shows.

People looking for sunglasses which offer excellent value and contemporary style should definitely include one of those mentioned above in the list and you can always customize it for making it unique. At Diso Glasses you get the most innovative supplier of sunglasses which also offer a complete customization of sunglasses based on the classic designs. Make your own style statement with one-of-a-kind fashion sunglasses this year 2019.

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