Over the recent years, wearing sporty and trendy sunglasses irrespective of season has become a fashion. Dozens of sunglasses brands are out there in the market. But obviously, not all of them are truly worth your time and money. The most important things you want while buying sunglasses is their affordability, quality, and voguishness. Well, there are a few sunglasses manufacturing units which offer a complete customization solution to meet your very specific demand. But when it comes to stock-up your store with stylish sunglasses, then it becomes a bit confusing to choose the right sunglasses manufacturer and supplier. It is particularly a tiresome job when there are loads of manufacturer and suppliers available just like in China. This guide will give you a broad idea to find a good sunglasses manufacturer and supplier in China to satiate your business needs.

Finding the best sunglasses manufacturer in China:

It is truly difficult task to find the best sunglasses manufacturer and supplier as per your business need and budget. The most important things you need to consider are the quality, payment procedures, social compliance, and ISO certification. Besides, you need to know the following things listed below:

  • Whether the payment terms are negotiable,
  • Is there any hidden fees associated with the total cost,
  • Confirm with the manufacturers that your products will only be produced for you,
  • What happens if delivery is delayed or doesn’t arrive, make an agreement,
  • Avoid unexpected inflation of prices by agreeing on a set price and know the circumstances under which those prices could change,
  • What will be your volume rebate if your order picks up,
  • Do a quality inspection of the products received, take your time,
  • What are the manufacturing capabilities, quantities, surplus production per month/year, and can this be increased and what timeframe if required,
  • Is the manufacturer a reputable business in the industry and do they protect clients’ intellectual property

Consider these questions seriously and clarify everything before you jump on to decide your best sunglasses manufacturer in China. In addition to the above clarifications you need to work on to find the safety standards of the sunglasses you are getting from your supplier. The set rules for safety standards of sunglasses varies a bit among different places which you need to ascertain before you plan to distribute or sell your sunglasses. Diso Glasses, is one of the fastest growing and very reputed eyeglasses supplier in China, which work towards to provide their customers the superior quality at the most competitive price. Diso Glasses dedicatedly serve their customers in best possible way by giving them value added solutions to create a long lasting relationship.

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