Getting the best hairstyle and color is the best thing you can do to yourself to look fantastic. Women are investing heavily on their hair to ensure that they look unique and elegant for every occasion. However, women are short of ideas when it comes to hair color ideas for short hair. Short hair is liked by women of all ages but is liked more by older women as it makes them look younger when they select the best style and color. Below is a detailed discussion of the seven best color ideas for short hair for 2019.

  1. A combination of brown and blonde

This color combination is very original and can work for all women. With this style, you can get one of the best looks. The style is creative. This hair color will give you sunkissed results which you will definitely like.

  1. Ombre hairstyle

This is another hair color option suitable for young to old women. The hair color will completely change the way you look. It does not only make you look elegant but also unique. Try this hair color, and all the women around you will want to know how you got to know about it.

  1. Dark red

If you want a hair color that will make you more confident, you need dark red color for your short hair. This unique hair color will give you the confidence you need for that date or occasion. On top of that, it will make you stand out anywhere you go.

  1. Dirty Blonde and caramel hairstyle

This is a classic hair color combination. The style will make you look elegant, and above that help, you feel comfortable whenever you meet other elegant women. It is good for young, medium-aged and even old women. The hair color will give you a natural look.

  1. Icy platinum

This hair color is suitable for women who want to look fashionable. If you are that stylish, Icy platinum is the hair color you need. The style and color will make you look younger and refined.

  1. Nude Blonde

This unique hair color is a perfect blend of ashy and warm. The hair color is unique and gives you a natural look. It is suitable for all seasons

  1. Caramel hair

Caramel hair color is great for young ladies. However, it is also liked by many old women who want to look elegant and classy. It is highly suitable for short hair.

What do you need to know when selecting a hair color for short hair?

You need to know your skin tone. This will allow you to get the best color that matches your skin tone. On top of that, age is a factor. You need to select a color that doesn’t make you too old. Furthermore, you need to know the occasion, so as not to pick a color and style thatdon’t match the occasion.

Final thoughts

The above hair color ideas for short hair will help you pick the right color for your short hair.If you are old, get a color and style that will make you look younger and feel fresh. If you are young just go for a unique style that makes you look elegant.

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