Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights; The New Makeup Tool in Town

Finding the right makeup mirror is hard in today’s market. On the market, you will find many brands with different features, and that makes your search very difficult. However, Mirrex has brought extraordinary makeup mirrors with lights to the market. The mirrors come with special features and are easy to use at any time anywhere. Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights is one of the mirrors and has been endorsed by top makeup artists as wellas models.

What people look for in a makeup mirror before buying?

Before we look at the description of this extraordinary makeup mirror, it is essential to look at what people look for when buying a makeup mirror. The key thing people look for is size and weight. Ladies, as well as men who like applying makeup on the go, want slim and lightweight makeup mirrors. On top of that, people want mirrors with lighting and high magnification ability. This allows for comfortable use anywhere at any time. Furthermore, peoplewant makeup mirrors that are scratch proof.

Description of Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights

  • Comes with super bright LED lights

Lighted makeup mirrors have taken over in the makeup industry.  For that reason, Mirrex has made this vanity makeup mirror using high technology and includes super bright LED lights. This means that you can use the mirror wherever you are at any time. The mirror features Touch Sensor Control used to adjust the level of brightness of the LED lights.

  • 5X magnifying ability and wireless charging function

When applying makeup, tweezing, or removing blackheads on the face, you need a mirror with high magnification ability. This allows you to comfortably do what you are doing, be it putting on makeup or tweezing. Besides having a high magnification power, this is one of the makeup mirrors with lights that have wirelesscharging function.As a result, you can use the magic mirror to charge your iPhone, IPad as well as other android or iOS devices.

  • Portable and durable

Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights comes in a unique ultra-slim design. Believe it or not, the makeup mirror is smaller than an iPhone and is light in weight. For that reason, the makeup mirror is suitable for traveling. On top of that, the makeup mirror comes with a strong finishing that is starch proof.

What’s included in the package?

When you buy the mirror, it comes with other accessories. Alongside the mirror itself, the package consists of a velvet container, a cleaning tissue and a charger for the mirror. Not many brands will offer the mirror plus the accessories.


Vanity Makeup Mirror is one of the best makeup mirrors with lights on the market. The mirror is portable and can be used comfortably at any time. On top of that, its wireless charging function can save you when your smartphone runs out of charge when you are on the go.  Therefore, get this fantastic makeup mirror as you can use it at home or on the go when applying makeup, removing blackheads, or tweezing.

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