Ebola is one of the most infectious and deadly diseases in the world. Patients affected by this disease require immediate medical attention. The patients may have symptoms such as bleeding, vomiting, and(or) diarrhea. The condition is severe, and that is why there are particular guidelines in treating the disease. Also, there are guidelines on how healthcare workers should protect themselves when handling Ebola patients or persons suspected to have the disease. If you are a healthcare worker, you need to wear an Ebola suit while handling Ebola patients as well as persons under investigations for Ebola.

CDC guidance changes on PPE

Ebola crisis has made the CDC guidance to change more often. In 2014, CDC guidance for personal protective equipment changed rapidly. This was to incorporate the new learning aimed to improve the Ebola response. Later after one year, the guidance on PPE was updated. Healthcare workers needed to use protective gears while handling patients with confirmed Ebola. On top of that, the workers are required to use the same protective gears while handling persons under investigation for Ebola with or without the symptoms of Ebola such as bleeding, diarrhea, or vomiting.

ASTM F1670/F1671 testing

As a result of the guidance, PPE for healthcare personnel made for Ebola management must pass two main tests; ASTM F1670 and ASTM F1671. ASTM F1670 is mainly used by workers handling patients either with confirmed Ebola or have symptoms such as bleeding, diarrhea, or vomiting. On the other hand, ASTM F1671 is used by healthcare personnel handling dry patients i.e., those that are stable and don’t have bleeding, vomiting, or diarrhea symptoms. Protective Ebola suits should pass these two tests to ensure that healthcare workers are safe when managing patients with Ebola or persons investigated for Ebola.

Coming up with a perfect Ebola suit

With the CDC guidance changes, many companies went ahead to make the protective gears used during Ebola management procedures. International EnviroGuard is one of the companies that has invested heavily to come up with an excellent Ebola suit. The leading company hired a top team and came up with ViroGuard 2. This Ebola suit is the best in the industry and is liked by many Ebola treatment centers as well as assessment facilities.

Best Ebola Suit – ViroGuard 2

ViroGuard 2 is an exceptional product made by International EnviroGuard. The suit is made of high-quality fabric and seams that pass ASTM F1670/F1671 tests. For that reason, healthcare workers can use them comfortably when handling both Ebola patients as well as persons under investigation for Ebola. The suit is comfortable to wear,use, and remove.


CDC guidance for PPE aims to ensure that healthcare workers managing patients with Ebola or being investigated for Ebola are safe. For that reason, Ebola suits such as ViroGuard 2 have been made and approved for the purpose. InternationalEnviroGuard is the company behind ViroGuard 2, which is the best Ebola suit on the market today. The suit is preferred by top research centers and assessment facilities for Ebola.

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