Personal Protective Equipment Are Essential in the Cannabis Industry. Why?

The cannabis industry has grown significantly in the last few decades. The growth is expected to continue as many states continue to legalize the use of medicinal and recreational cannabis. For that reason, you will find that there are many companies and individuals investing heavily in farming and production of cannabis. As a result, the industry has employed many workers in the farms as well as in the processing firms. These workers need to have cannabis PPE for their safety as well as to ensure clean and healthy cannabis gets to the market. Here are details of why personal protective equipment is essential in the cannabis industry.

  • Help workers avoid chemical and biological hazards in the farms

In some parts of the world, cannabis is grown as a cash crop. For that reason, the herb is taken care of like any other crop for high yields. Workers in the farms need to protect themselves when handling chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides as well as herbicides. We know that exposure to some of these chemicals either via contact or inhalation, they can cause respiratory irritation, skin irritation, and even chemical burns. Biological hazards are as a result of the mold that is common in humid environments.

  • For safety during processing

Cannabis is taken to processing plants where essential cannabinoids are extracted. The processing firms have machines and use chemicals in the extraction process. As a result, workers can be exposed to contaminants that can affect their health. For that reason, workers need to have protective clothing and equipment for their safety while working in the processing firms.

  • To protect cannabis and its products

People use cannabis and its products. For that reason, they need to be protected at all cost for health and quality purposes. For that reason, workers working on the farms and in the extraction facilities need to wear protective clothing during cultivation, production, and processing. This helps in eliminating the possibility of contaminating the final product that can come from different sources.

  • It is a requirement by OSHA

OSHA requires that all businesses provide a safe working environment for workers. On top of that, the organization requires that employees use protective clothing and equipment while working on a less hazardous environment. This ensures that the workers are safe, and the products meet safety and health standards.

The cannabis PPE you need while working in the cannabis industry

There is a wide range of protective clothing you can use to protect yourself while working in the cannabis industry. However, SMS and MicroGuard are the most preferred protective apparels for workers in this industry. These cannabis protective gears are durable and provide a superior barrier against harmful particulates as well as liquids. The suits are comfortable to work with, and that is why many workers and companies choose them.


 Having personal protective equipment is essential in the cannabis industry, just like in any other industry. However, you need to have high-quality cannabis PPE for your safety. At International Enviroguard, you can get a variety of protective clothing and equipment you need to remain safe while working in the cannabis industry. Therefore, stay safe while working in this industry by getting protective suits from our company.

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