Secondary Disposable FR Suits for Fire Risky Environments

Primary FR coveralls are relatively expensive. They give you maximum protection against sparks, flames, fire, and even harsh chemicals. It is important to add some protective garments over the primary FR suits to extend its life. On top of that, the additional protective clothing will provide extra protection. Secondary disposable FR suits have been developed for that purpose. The garmentsprotect yourexpensive primary FR and provide additional protection to youagainst sparks, fire, flames, and even contaminants.

A brief history of secondary disposable FR coveralls

These protective garments were developed some decades ago and came to the market in the 90’s. Since then, the disposable flame resistant clothing has become popular as many operators knew its importance in protecting expensive primary FR garments. As a result of the popularity and high demand, many distributors started to sell secondary SMS FR suits. These coveralls were not ideal for sparks, flames, and fire protection. For that reason, recently,ISEA came up with standards for secondary disposable FR clothing. As a result, manufacturers of these protective suits must meet the standards for their products to be approved. This provided a level playing ground for all secondary disposable fire-resistant coveralls’ manufacturers.

What to look for in secondary disposable FR coveralls?

If you want your expensive primary FR clothing to remain clean and be used for an extended period, you need to buy a quality secondary disposable FR coverall. The coverall should be flame resistant to ensure that the flames or sparks don’t reach your expensive inner FR suit. More so, an ideal disposable flame-resistant coverall should be well-fitting. This means that you should be comfortable in it and that will allow you to work comfortably and with confidence. Furthermore, a unique secondary disposable fire protective clothing should offer protection against grease, dirt, grime, harsh chemicals, and other contaminants. Lastly, it is important to buy one that has passed ASTM D6413 vertical flame testing to ensure that you and your primary FR coverall are protected.

Top secondary disposable FR coveralls

Secondary disposable fire-resistant coveralls are essential in flame or fire risky environments. International Enviroguard has brought a wide range of protective clothing that you can select from. These secondary disposable protective coveralls meet ISEA and NFPA standards. The coveralls include PyroGuard FR and PyroGuard CRFR. These garments are affordable and can be delivered to your doorstep after purchase. Also, they come in different sizes and colors ideal for different workers.

Final words

It is essential to extend the life of your expensive primary FR suits. You can do that by putting on a quality secondary disposable FR over it any time you are at work. The secondary clothing will also add additional protection to you. PyroGuard FR and PyroGuard CRFR are the top secondary disposable fire-resistant coveralls in the market today. International Enviroguard offers these protective garments, among others. Therefore, contact us for quality secondary disposable fire-resistant suits and other protective garments for a wide range of working environments.

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