We all want to live quality lives free of stress and illnesses. For that reason, it is important to incorporate yoga in our daily routines. Yoga is a practice that involves breathing, meditation and postures that are perfectly designed to encourage flexibility, relaxation and fitness. Pranayama yoga is one of the many yoga styles that focuses on deep breathing and helps to strengthen our lungs, get rid of stress and improve our health. Pranayama Exercises has come to provide online classes for various pranayama techniques that can improve your breathing and wellness. Here is a detailed discussion of various pranayama techniques and why Pranayama Exercises is the best site to learn the techniques.

A brief about pranayama techniques

As mentioned above, pranayama techniques focus on deep breathing and relaxation. NadhiSodhana is a pranayama technique which is also known as nostril breathing. It is characterized by relaxed and balancing breath which is mostly known to calm the nervous system. It does that by increasing the amount of oxygen intake into the body. The breath is believed to calm the mind, reduce stress and improve concentration. Kapalabhati is another pranayama technique that clears mucus in the air passages, improve lung capacity and reduce bloating. It can also build heat in your body.

Ujjayi is another pranayama technique that is also known as Ocean Breath. It encourages lung expansion and is believed to calm the mind. Sitali Pranayama is also an essential technique when it comes to yoga. It comes with coolness and is helpful in the summers as it clears excess heat in the body. There are many other pranayama techniques but their ultimate role is to encourage relaxation, promote oxygen intake and help in calming the mind.

Why learn on Pranayama Exercises?

This site has the best instructors who clearly understand pranayama techniques. They will help you select the best techniques that suit your body. With vast experience in the yoga industry, they will guide you in every step to make sure that you internalize the techniques and you can do them during your free time. They will teach you all pranayama techniques to make sure that you get rid of stress, improve your lung capacity and keep your body in the right shape at all times. All the techniques can be done any time during the day.

Expected results

After learning the techniques, you will enjoy various benefits of breathing exercises. One of the benefits is improvement of lung capacity. This ensures that your body is well supplied with oxygen at all times. On top of that, you will enjoy proper energy flow in the body as proper breathing promote blood circulation and that means energy will be distributed well and fast in the body. Furthermore, with the above techniques you will be able to handle stress and difficult emotional situations.


From above, it is evident that Pranayama techniques are essential to our health. You can learn them on Pranayama Exercises as they offer the best online classes for yoga. Visit the site, and you will definitely learn yoga techniques that will help you live a quality life.

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