It is important for startups to adopt new marketing strategies that are cost-efficient. Inbound marketing methodology is one of the marketing strategies that has helped many startups to realize their objective within a short period.  It involves the use of content that drives ideal clients to companies’ websites and eventually converting them into loyal customers. It also involves the use of social media to get more customers. Content is the driving element in healthcare lead generation. Healthcare startups need to know how to come up with ideal customer oriented content and learn some few tips in lead generation for them to succeed. Below is a brief discussion of tips that can assist in lead generation for healthcare startups.

Master the art of blogging and search engine optimization

Blogging is essential in attracting target customers to your website. It also helps target customers to understand their needs and solutions to their problems. For that reason, a startup needs to have blog articles that are informative and provide essential information about healthcare technology, medical devices, and other trending medical topics. The articles need to be well crafted to help the website in getting better ranking on search engines. This makes sure that clients searching for information relating to your area of specialization can find it easily on search engines.

Tips for content creation

As we have seen, content is key to inbound marketing. For that reason, your healthcare startup should create content that answers questions that many ideal customers ask on the internet. Also, the content should be relevant and have an easy language that the target audience can understand. You can create quality content, but your audience may not understand it hence the efforts going to waste. Therefore, create content that can add value to your audience, and that can help them see you as a reliable source of information. This builds trust, and you will be able to increase your leads.

Use social media to grow your customer base

You need social media to grow the number of your customers. For that reason, you need to know the social media platforms that many of your ideal customers use. Use the platforms to reach out to them and provide them with interesting and relevant content. You also need to know the most appropriate time to post and how often you should do it. It is important to post content that adds value to your followers and do it consistently. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are some of the social media platforms to use to get more customers.

Publish white papers and eBooks

When it comes to leads nurturing you need to be very smart. You should come up with eBooks and whitepapers that have vital information about healthcare technology and other related healthcare topics in your area of specialization. Be smart to get contact information of the persons downloading the free content. After that, employ email marketing to let the qualified leads know about your healthcare startup. You can also use messaging and calls if you have the contact information.


From above it is evident that the generation of leads is not a walk in the park. You need to hire a reputable SEO company such as Sure Oak to help your healthcare startup generate more leads. Use the above tips and with the help of a good SEO company like Sure Oak, your startup with generating more leads within a short period which will make you smile.

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