Chiropractic and elbow and wrist pain

For many months I had been experiencing awful pain in my right elbow and wrist. The pain got so unbearable that at one point I was unable to work and on prescription painkillers. I was very unhappy with this situation and felt in a low mood as I couldn’t understand what could have been the problem. I could not think of any recent accident or injury that could have been responsible for the terrible pain.

I was just chatting to a friend of mine one day who goes to see a chiropractor for her occasional neck pain and stiffness and she suggested trying a chiropractor too. At the time I thought chiropractors only dealt with backs and necks so I went on and found some amazing reviews for Lushington Chiropractic Clinic.

Normally the best way to find a chiropractor is by referral from a friend, family member or other health professional. On-line feedback about the chiropractor or clinic website is another way to locate the right chiropractor that can deliver high quality care for you.

My consultation

On the day of the appointment I completed a questionnaire so that the chiropractor could learn about my symptoms, understand the reason for the visit and to what outcome I realistically expected.

Past and present medical history was required, and this is where you need to communicate fully so that the chiropractor understands fully. Questions about my lifestyle choices, profession, diet and day to day activities were also asked. All these factors were considered and play a role in what may have been the cause of my discomfort. I didn’t feel afraid to ask questions as this was the perfect opportunity to discuss my personalised care that was needed. I told the chiropractor that I played badminton twice a week and six months previously had started a new office job that required competitive use of the computer mouse.

Physical examination

I explained that I had no history of injury or pain. The pain had started in my elbow, then spread to my wrist and the middle finger of my right hand. The severe pain often kept me awake at night, so I wasn’t getting a good night’s sleep either.

When the chiropractor examined me, he found that my grip was weak. He did further tests that diagnosed tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome which he explained is inflammation of the muscles in the forearm and of one of the nerves that passes through the wrist. He also said that this was aggravated by the loss of proper movement in two vertebrae in my neck which further irritated nerves from the neck down the arm. The chiropractor got to the root of the problem and I was relieved for the expert diagnosis.

The chiropractor suggested visiting to read more information on this and other related subjects. He also advised that chiropractors use a wide range of treatments that can include hot and cold therapies, personalised exercise programmes, dietary advice and complementary treatments such as massage.

My treatment plan involved manipulation to the elbow which he said would stretch the carpal tunnel tissues, spinal manipulation and advice regarding best practice to working at my computer. He also recommended using an ice pack to help reduce any inflammation. Amazingly after only four visits I was able to return to work and my symptoms had completely gone after eight weeks and I could be discharged from his care.

There is so much informative advice to read so if you are considering and interested in finding out more about chiropractic treatment, why not visit


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