There are many protective equipment and garments you need to think about if you work in harsh environments. The protective equipment and clothing aim to protect you and your clothes from coming into contact with dirt, grime, dust, harmful chemicals, pathogens, among other contaminants. These protective equipment and clothing vary from one work or industry to the other. For example, those made for healthcare workers are different from those who work in fire hazardous environments. It is important to note that PPE clothing varies from one manufacturer to the other.

Is it a must to have PPE clothing?

If you work in less to a hazardous environment, protective equipment and clothing are a must-have. OSHA offers guidelines on where and when you should use protective clothing to ensure you stay safe during work and after work. The organization aims to train and help workers use protective equipment and clothing in the right way. For that reason, you should follow the guidelines to ensure that you remain safe by complying with your company’s safety standards. PPE clothing will protect you from chemical splashes, sparks and fire, blood, dirt, grime, pathogens, and even dust. As a result, protective apparel and equipment are essential in almost every industry.

Qualities of suitable personal protective garments

PPE clothing is made of different materials. Where you use the clothing matters, however, quality protective clothing should be chemical resistant. As a result, they should be able to provide a strong chemical barrier against harsh chemical products such as sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid. On top of that, the clothing should be breathable and offer a full range of motion. This ensures that workers can use them comfortably while at work. Furthermore, you should go for tested and approved products to ensure that you are protected in the right way while working in harsh environments.

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Top PPE clothing you should consider

There are different types of disposable protective PPE you should think about. If you work in harsh industrial environments, you need to consider coveralls as well as suits made of chemical resistant fabric. On top of that,garments need to be breathable and make workers feel comfortable and confident while at work. Some of these industrial protective garments include ChemSplash 1, ChemSplash 2, PyroGuard CRFR, SMS, PyroGuard FR, PE Coated, Body Filter 95+, among others.

We have other PPE clothing ideal for controlled environments. Some of these environments can be in disease control facilities, cleanrooms, and even treatmentfacilities. These protective garments include GammaGuardCE, MicroGuard, Soft Scrubs, ViroGuard 1, ViroGuard 2, among others. These protective garments are tested and approved to be used in a wide range of environments ranging from hazardous to non-hazardous work environments.


A wide range of working environments requires workers to have PPE garments as well as equipment. The protective garments protect the workers against harsh chemicals, dirt, grime, pathogens, asbestos, among other contaminants. At International Enviroguard, you can get the above, among other protective garments and equipment at pocket-friendly prices. Our products are the best as they are tested and approved, and provide comfortable confidence to workers. Therefore, contact us for quality PPE clothing.

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