4 Examples of Successful Healthcare Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing has helped many businesses to grow. Digital marketing involves content and social media marketing strategies that support business to expand their customer base. Inbound marketing is one of the strategies that many of the companies are using. The strategies have been adopted by many businesses including those in the healthcare sector. There are many successful healthcare service providers thanks to inbound marketing campaigns. Mayo Clinic, Greenway Health, RevenueXL, and HIMSS are good examples of companies that have become successful through healthcare content marketing. Below is a brief discussion of all you need to know about these healthcare businesses and their marketing campaigns.


Information technology is much needed in healthcare. For that reason, companies like HIMSS have come to offer IT-related services that help the healthcare sector. HIMSS has a user-friendly website where they share quality content with the website visitors. The company makes sure that they post content regularly that provide solutions to many people who are looking for vital information about healthcare information technology. Also, HIMSS have plenty of posts, research findings as well as podcasts on their resources library. On top of that HIMSS has a strong social media presence where they share infographics, images as well as articles that are engaging and relevant to their customers as well as ideal customers.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a significant player in the healthcare sector. The firm has one of the best blogs; Sharing Mayo Clinic where their customers and their loved ones share their stories. On top of that Mayo Clinic’s personnel interact with the clients on the site. Furthermore, the site has educative and interesting content that attract ideal customers. Mayo Clinic has an unmatched online presence compared to other players in the healthcare sector. They have over 700000 likes on Facebook and over 1.2 million Twitter followers.

Greenway Health

Greenway Health has one of the best blog sites in the healthcare sector. The business makes sure that they update their site more often with interesting webinars, posts as well as whitepapers. They have a clear understanding of their buyer persona and provide quality contents that please them. On their blog, they have quick links that can direct the visitors to more important contents. This has enabled Greenway Health to grow its contacts rapidly and consistently.


For many years, RevenueXL has been one of the most trusted service providers of integrated electronic health records and practice management software applications. The provider has become a leader thanks to the content strategy that have broadened their online presence. On top of that, the content strategy has improved the web traffic for the company. The company has a highly visible blog, uses pertinent and relevant content and has plenty of call-to-action on many of their posts and articles.


It is evident that the above healthcare businesses have done excellently in the sector. They have used marketing campaigns that have enabled them to get to where they are today. The secret is to understand the target customers and use relevant, engaging and beneficial contents.

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