Kareo EMR

One software that knows how to stay on top of the best EHR software list is Kareo EMR. Kareo EHR Software was established 16 years ago. It is a cloud-based EHR software that is providing its services to over 65000 doctors. Kareo EHR is famous for offering very specific features for different medical practices. 

The software is very popular for a lot of its EHR features. They are known to improve clinical efficiency at the workplace and streamline the whole system. With Kareo EHR software, the administrative load is reduced majorly and the chance of errors is decreased. Let’s move forward and talk about the EHR features it offers to its users. 

Kareo EMR Features

Although Kareo has an outstanding set of EHR features, we are going to talk about the top 5 EHR features that it offers. 

Customizable templates

One feature that is extremely loved by all of Kareo EMR’s users is their Customizable templates feature. The software has a huge template library that is loved by all the users. It offers over 150 templates for different specialties which means a lot of physicians get to use it and employ this software in their medical practice.

Kareo software reviews often talk about how convenient it is to have so many templates that you can choose from and how customized templates make things so much easier in medical practice. This feature helps in improving productivity at the workplace. 

Seamless Integration 

Having a good integration feature in EHR software has become a need for many medical practices. Kareo EMR is quite famous for its integration feature.

Kareo billing software and Kareo practice management software can both be easily integrated into the software which means that it can increase the productivity of your practice several times over by easily integrating billing and practice management software into itself.

This not only improves efficiency but helps in preparing more accurate and effective treatment plans. All the scans and tests are done with a lot of ease.

Telehealth services

Telehealth services are not offered by many EHR software but it’s a very useful and important feature that can majorly help your practice. Telehealth services allow you to treat your patients remotely most often through a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing tool.

During world pandemics, like Covid-19, this tool comes to the rescue. It allows for your practice to visit with patients in a way that helps to slow the spread of illnesses by use of sick patient’s isolation. 

Patient Portal

It is very rare to find a good patient portal with all the right tools in EHR Software. Although many EHR software claims to have a good Patient portal, not all are true to their words.

With the help of the Kareo EMR Patient portal, not only the communication between patient and doctor improves but also doctors can access their complete patient history. With Kareo Patient Portal, doctors can access their patients 24 months medical history. 

Checks for medication errors and alerts in the workflow allow for greater patient safety and improved clinical outcomes.

Mobile App

With Kareo mobile app, you can improve your productivity with touch and go simplicity. Kareo has an application for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, It allows you to look at your appointments, write notes or access old ones, and do whatever even outside of work. 

This feature helps in improving efficiency and offers great ease to the doctors as they are able to check in on their patients even when they are not inside their practice. If you want to test these features out, visit Software Finder.

Should You Invest In Kareo EMR?

Whether or not you should Invest in Kareo depends on the type of practice you have but overall, Kareo EMR is one of the best EMR Software out there. If you are searching for good EMR software for your practices, make sure to check Kareo EM out.

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