Buying the right scissors for your barber shop or salon is not easy. There are many low quality brands on the market and you should be very careful not to buy scissors that are not worth your money. On top of that, it is important to know the top brands of scissors that don’t disappoint. Most of these brands come from Japan, Europe and America. Japan Scissors is a trusted company that brings you top quality barber and hairdressing scissors. The company offers scissors from top manufacturers in Europe, Japan and the USA. Below is a brief discussion of why Japan Scissors is a one-stop-shop for hairdressing scissors in New Zealand and Australia.

What are the benefits of buying quality hairdressing scissors?

Before we look at why Japan Scissors is the best dealer of top quality scissors, it is important to know the benefits of buying quality scissors. One of the benefits is that when you buy top quality scissors, you get the best value for your money. Many quality scissors are durable. On top of that, quality scissors are easy to use. Many are easy to hold and use, and you don’t need any practice to use them. More so, quality scissors are multifunctional. Some can be used to cut and even texturize the hair.

Offers only top brands of hairdressing and barber scissors

Japan Scissors has proved to be the best supplier of top brands of hairdressing as well as barber scissors. The company offers brands such as Joewell, Ichiro Japan, Yasaka Japan among many others. The company works closely with top manufacturers in Japan, Europe and America to bring you durable and reliable scissors that can’t disappoint you.

Have many warehouses

To ensure that they are close to the customers, Japan Scissors has made sure that they have many warehouses. This makes sure that clients get to receive their scissors on time after buying. Japan Scissors has warehouses in Perth, Tokyo and Sydney. We ensure that we ship all ordered hairdressing and barber scissors on a weekly basis to Australia. You can also visit our warehouses to see a wide range of scissorsthat you can consider for your salon or barber shop.

What about prices?

It is advisable to always buy quality products. Quality products are offered at slightly higher prices compared to low quality ones. However, Japan Scissors offers quality scissors at good prices. You will note that all our prices match the quality of what we offer. Also, Japan Scissors has promotions that allow clients to enjoy crazy discounts. On top of that, we allow you to buy now and pay later when you see the products.


Japan Scissors is a reliable company that offers scissors of all sizes, colors and with different designs. The company has been in the industry for some time now and it has helped many people in New Zealand and Australia get best barber and hairdressing scissors. The scissors are well priced and you will get them within a week after placing your order. Therefore, get top quality shears and scissors from Japan Scissors and you will not be disappointed.

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