The education sector is doing excellently. The sector is working hard to bring skilled personnel for all industries. The health sector is one of the sectors that require skilled labor and professionalism. For that reason, there are many degree programs that people who want to work in the sector must undertake. Health administration degree is one of the programs that is much needed in the health sector. Many people are taking the degree program online, and they are easily absorbed by various health care facilities, care centers, health insurance companies and even the local governments for health education. Below is a brief discussion of various jobs and opportunities that make health administration degree highly marketable.

Healthcare administration jobs

Healthcare facilities and care centers need to have highly trained and experienced health care administrators. These experts spend their time working with personnel working in hospitals such as doctors, nurses and insurance specialists. Depending on the size of a facility, these administrators can be assigned special tasks like staff management as well as helping the facility in cost efficiency. Their duties vary with facilities and the good thing about being a health care administrator is that they receive good salaries. They receive an average salary of $96,540 annually.

Health insurance specialist

Becoming an insurance specialist is not an easy task. With a health administration degree, you can easily get a job of health insurance specialist. This job involves the creation of new benefits plans for health insurance providers. On top of that, the specialist makes sure that all the benefit plans are applied perfectly well. The professional works with coding, records, and medical billing experts to make sure everything runs smoothly for insurance companies, their clients, and healthcare facilities.

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Social and community service manager jobs

Many people with a desire to improve quality of life for individuals and communities should consider taking health administration degree. Becoming a social and community service manager involves coordinating and creation of programs that improve quality of life for all members of the society. The experts need to work with community organizers, social workers, and health experts to do an excellent job.

Health education jobs

With a health administration degree, graduates have the opportunity to work as health educators. The purpose of health educators is to educate individual and communities about good habits that improve physical well-being and mental health. They also develop and implement techniques that promote health for communities.

Practice Manager jobs

Many people with a dream of running medical clinics, doctors’ offices or health departments, need to have this degree. Medical practice administrators are always involved in making sure that operation in their facilities or group practice run smoothly. It is a well-paying job as practice managers enjoy a salary of around $87,862.


From above it is evident that there are many jobs available for persons with a health administration degree. Many universities are offering this course online which simplifies everything for interested individuals. All you need is to apply, and within a short period of learning, you receive your degree.

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