Spray insulation products can irritate your skin and even cause serious effect on your health. For that reason, installers should be very careful when handling these products. They should wear spray suits as well as other protective gears for their safety. On top of that, persons entering where the installation is being done need to have protective clothing. Here is all you need to know about spray insulation installation protective clothing.

Why do you need protective clothing?

Before we look at the protective clothing, we must discuss why you need to wear protective clothing. First, you need to know that spray insulation is produced on the jobsite. You need to mix two highly reactive chemicals. Exposure to these chemicals (isocyanates), can cause severe damage to your skin. On top of that, you can experience severe breathing problems, headache, and even tightness in the chest. As a result, you need to have protective clothing while installing or handling spray foam insulation. More so, you need a spray suit to protect your skin and clothes from getting in contact with the chemicals. The chemicals will definitely damage your clothes.

PPE required during spray insulation installation

As mentioned above, spray insulation chemicals can be dangerous on your health after exposure via contact or inhalation. For that reason, you should wear protective gears for respiration protection, which include an airline and face equipment. On top of that, you need to protect your hands and your skin by wearing gloves and a spray suit. Further, you need to use boots, hoods/helmets, and goggles to protect your feet, head, and eyes, respectively. The most important thing is to have a fitting suit, gloves, boots, and other equipment to install the spray insulation comfortably.

Seek advice before buying protective clothing for spray insulation installation

You need advice on which protective gears you need when applying the insulation. Experts know the chemicals you can be exposed to and the dangers they can pose to your health. On top of that, you should make sure that you get professional training to ensure that you and everybody on the site learn how to use the protective gears in the right way. OSHA regulation 3.35 states that employees must use the protective equipment in the right way as instructed to avoid misuse or damage to the clothing.

Disposable protective clothing the best for spray insulation installation. Why?

It is important to note that spray insulation installation can be messy. For that reason, you need disposable protective clothing. Disposable clothing is only used once. We now know that chemicals in the spray foam insulation products are dangerous. Therefore, you may not need to wash the protective clothing for safety reasons.  The most important thing is to pick the right spray suit. Buy a flexible, well-fitting suit made of quality materials that will protect you from the harsh chemicals.


It is important to have protective clothing during spray insulation installation. The clothing keeps you safe from the harsh chemicals. You need to buy the disposable protective clothing as well as equipment from a trusted manufacturer. International EnviroGuard is a leading company offering a wide variety of disposable protective clothing options for spray insulation installation. The spray suits are well designed to protect workers and keep them more comfortable while at work.

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