Purchasing a new pair of sunglasses can be overwhelming with all the diverse lenses, frames, and features available. Doing your research ahead of time and figuring out which features are the most significant to you will help make your sunglasses shopping experience easier.

Selecting Frames

  • Choose a frame shape that contrasts with your face shape:

When you do this, your sunglasses will balance out your face when you’re wearing them. Wearing frames that match your face shape may highlight the shape of your face, and they won’t pop as much.

  • Get frames that are proportional to your face:

Pick frames that cover the width of your face. The top of your sunglasses should go up to your eyebrows and the bottom of your sunglasses should cover the raised, top part of your cheeks.

Selecting Lenses

  • Pick polarized lenses if you want to block out reflective glares:

Buy polarized lenses if you do lots of activities that expose you to glares, like driving and biking. Polarized lenses have a coating on them that prevents glares from shining through.

  • Look for lenses with UV protection if you’ll be in the sun a lot:

UV rays from the sun can hurt your eyes and cause some major problems. Make sure you select lenses that block out 99-100 percent of UVA and UVB rays.

  • Buy sunglasses with gradient lenses if you’ll be driving in them a lot:

Gradient lenses have a tint that fades from top to bottom. They are good for driving because they block out rays from the sun coming from above while still allowing you to see clearly out of the bottom half of the lenses.

Making the Purchase

  • Measure the width of your face:

When you measure the width of your face, you’ll find out if the sunglasses you want to buy will fit your face. Measure the width from one of your temples to the other. Then, select sunglasses with a matching measurement. The measurement for a pair of sunglasses should be listed in the product description. It might be labelled as the “frame width” or “temple length.”

  • Buy sunglasses from a recognized brand if you want something high quality:

While inferior sunglasses and high-end sunglasses offer the same UV protection, high-end sunglasses are sturdy and well produced. If you want frames and lenses that will last you a long time, investing in a high-end pair of sunglasses from a recognized brand may be a good choice.

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