How Sunglasses are Made

Sunglasses are eyewear designed to help protect the eyes from excessive sunlight. There are various processes involved in the making of sunglasses. From the raw materials used to designing, sunglasses are made for a sole purpose: to protect people’s eyes.

Raw Materials Used

Sunglasses consist of a pair of light-filtering lenses and a frame to hold them in place. The vast majority of lenses are made of colorized plastic, such as polycarbonate. However, glass is still employed for high quality brands. The highest quality lenses are optically accurate and do not distort shapes and lines. These lenses, like camera lenses, are made from distortion-free ground and polished optical glass. The borosilicate glass used in these lenses is scratch resistant and is made impact resistant by tempering it with various chemical treatments.

Soluble organic dyes and metallic oxide pigments are added to the lens material to absorb or reflect light of certain frequencies. These additives must not distort colors excessively, however; for example, badly colored lenses may make it difficult to discern the correct color of traffic lights. Various chemical coatings which are added to the lens can enhance viewing by reducing reflection or screening out polarized light.

Sunglass frames are made from metal or plastic. Metal frames are often made of mixtures of nickel and other metals such as silver. These frames have precisely engineered features. Most manufacturers use combinations of nickel, silver, stainless steel, graphite, and nylon.

The Design

There are two key elements to consider regarding sunglasses design. They are fashion and function. In the last few decades sunglasses have become a high fashion item, and the current design process reflects this status.

Quality Control

To a large extent, the degree of quality control imposed on sunglasses manufacture is a function of the type of sunglasses. Inexpensive plastic models have little concern with optical perfection; they may contain flaws which will distort the wearer’s vision. On the other hand, expensive glass lenses strive for high optical quality and are checked accordingly.

The Future

Sunglasses manufacturing processes have become increasingly sophisticated in response to greater demand for high quality, stylish glasses. New coatings and colorants which deliver better protection against UV radiation continue to be developed. Improvements in the way frames are manufactured continue to be made.

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