Lightning Cable Headphones

How to Choose Lightning Cable Headphones for iPhone 7

Apple Inc. Continues to innovate necessary tools to enhance its gadgets and bring comfort and ease to its valuable clients. One of the updates it has made and is being used by apple users is the connector we call Lightning. Lighting is a power connector for apple mobile gadgets such as the iPads, iPhones and the iPods. It is used for host computers, cameras, USB battery chargers, and other external monitors. This cable was first introduced in 2012. This lightning cable is using an 8 pin dock which superseded the 30-pin dock connector.

Recently, the users of iPhone 7 had an uproar. Different thoughts and comments could be heard all over the apple community as apple decided to remove the use of the headphone jack to give way to the lightning port as its passageway to sounds. Now, those people are crazily thinking of ways on how to choose the best cable headphone for their iPhone7 gadget.

For those who has not yet bought an iPhone7 or iPhone7 plus and plans to do so, there is no need to worry as you will get your headphones in a box as you purchase. It is much similar to the ones of the previous iPhone boxes, however, this time it is designed to be used with the lightning port. This means that the traditional 3.5mm jack has gone to extinction. The newly bought iPhones would also have an adapter to go with, so that those who are still dependent with the wired headphones may continuously do so.

Lightning Cable Headphones

The real problem comes with those who has already purchased iPhone7 phones without the lightning cable headphones. Since apple is very particular with its tool’s compatibility, it is a challenge for most to look for the lightning cable headphones suitable for their iPhone7. The easiest option for you are as follows: First, Get a Lightning – 3.5-mm connector adapter. This adapter can be used to connect the old headphones to the lightning port. Second, purchase Lightning cable headphones for iPhone7 at apple stores. If you want to attain quality audio sounds with your iPhone7, it is recommendable to purchase at apple stores, It would guarantee the that is needed to get the best result of your audio sounds.

For those who wish the cheaper way out, there are some third party manufacturers who have created lightning cable earphones as alternatives to the original ones. However, we must be very careful about this because chances are, you might get to buy the earphone which doesn’t match the original and you would not be able to use it anyway, or in worst cases, it may even ruin your phone.

Here are some tips on choosing the best earphone for your iPhone7. Its port should be similar to that of the lightning port of your iPhone7 3. Bring your phone as you buy your earphone and test the quality of sound before you actually buy. 4. Make sure that the sound of the earphone does not have delays 5. Check for disturbing noises. Most importantly, make sure you get your money’s worth purchasing your lightning iphone7 earphones.

Change is not always for the better. By replacing the standard headphone jack, Apple has made it inconvenient for its users to listen to their iPhones. There are many brands of lightning headphones so choosing the best one may not be a simple or easy task.


The first task is to determine what kind of environment you will use your new headphones in, not every set of headphones is suited for every environment. You need to determine if they will be for exclusive home use or will you be listening to music or videos outside of the home, in the car, at school or other areas.

Headphones that cover your ears completely may not be suited for use in the car or walking along the street to the college campus.

The next determination will be is what kind of headphones are you comfortable with using? Some people do not like ear buds but prefer the brand that covers the ears completely. Others are the exact opposite. You need to decide which style fits you and your needs the best.

Another important factor in your decision is, of course, your pocketbook. How much are you willing to spend for your new headphones? An eight hundred dollar pair of headphones may not be the smartest purchase unless your closest relative is a billionaire. You can search out the different prices and find which brand makes a set of headphones that matches your budget or meets the price you are willing to pay.

Then you need to decide on the quality of sound you want coming through your headphones. No one wants to spoil their iphone7 with some set of headphones that distorts the sound or make everyone sound like Mickey Mouse. Everyone wants good quality sound for the best, most economical price available.

If you are a brand conscious person then the next determination you need to make is what brand will deliver you the quality you want for the price you want to pay. Do you want an Audeze, a Philips, a Bright tech, a Sony or JBL or will some generic set make you happy and comfortable with the sound quality you receive. Of course, you may think that an Apple product deserves to be served by another Apple product.

Whichever brand you choose you to know that you will be getting a good set of headphones and that you will be able to listen to music or videos or a long time with them. It goes without saying that generic brands perform at the same level as branded sets and also deliver the same top quality sound.

No matter how you decide, you can see that picking a set of headphone for your new iphone7 is no easy task. It will take some research to help you come to your decision as there are so many fine sets and brands to choose from. Most of all, it will probably be your wallet that carries the most weight and influence your decision the heaviest.

Listening o music is not like it once was but then your new Apple iphone7 is not your mother’s old transistor radio.


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