When using QuickBooks, you realize as a user, that it tends to handle almost all challenging aspects of your business swiftly! From accounting, financing, bookkeeping to reporting, taxation, and payroll. There is nothing you need to worry about since QuickBooks software handles it all. In fact, it automates your business completely, which is one great step to take. You as a business need to be one step ahead and very accurate when it comes to accounting.

So, you rely on the software completely for helping you do the daily activities and challenging tasks easily. However, QuickBooks services is software that might have some errors and problems. There are errors in the API that can disrupt you’re from your QuickBooks services. Here is a long list of errors that can or needed to be addressed and solved on time.

How to handle the errors?

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The technical team tends to monitor the errors that occur very frequently, these errors are usually online API error messages. This returns on the apps that use QuickBooks services online API for different cases. There are top errors that many user faces and are quite frequent too. This occurs when a small change can affect and interrupt big differences.

In this section, we will cover a list of these error responses and also offer recommendation possible. There are some best ways that can help you handle them and through the changes, you make in the settings.

The Error List

AreaSubject/ MessageDetails
CustomerThere is another customer using the fileYou need to understand that you can not fit in your name if your name has already been in use. QuickBooks requires unique names so go for something new!
GeneralUnexpected Internal ErrorThis is an internal error that states (-30000), this occurs in the QuickBooks API. For such reasons, you can do is recreating the document in your software yet again and through Web UI. This will tend to identify and block the issues.
InvoiceThere was an error while converting the quantity “1.0″ when you were in putting it in the field ‘item quantity’
You are unable to set the item quantity for this particular kind of item

This is an internal error that states (-30000), this occurs in the QuickBooks API. For such reasons, you can do is recreating the document in your software yet again and through Web UI. This will tend to identify and block the issues.
Unfortunately, QuickBooks does not entertain the use of “Discount” type items in the inventory. This is due to the irregular treatment of QuickBooks items in the integration. For resolving such an error, you are required to create a new discount item in your software and you can assign it a name something differently. 
It can be the ‘Discount Item’ category and then you can resent this to your system. Make use of the ‘Resync QuickBooks products and services’ button and try to assign the new item to the inventory tab easily.
InvoiceYou are required to select and specify a unique number, as this number has already been in useIf your invoice number gets collided with other number, you will be required to make use of a unique number.
InvoiceThis is specifically a business validation error. It showcases that QuickBooks is extremely sorry for encountering an error when you are using the tax for calculation. It also prompts you with the message of reselecting your tax rate, re-entering all the information of product or services in the item, and saving it again in the formIf a user has a Global Tax Model used for tax calculation, which is not a USA version when a Tax Rate is used for calculating invoice. One that does not have a sales tax rate, this error may occur.
PaymentThere is an error that validates in the customer ID: Required for a field not specifiedThis error doesn’t have a real cause behind it
Variesstatus Code=3070 and it states with a message of “Really long name” inputted in the field, you need to change the last name, which is too long. The last name might be the different field names.This is when the name, as well as the description, get exceeded and the number of characters allowed has gone beyond it.
It is best if you shorten it up and try to make use of the specific field by only letting the required
number of characters allowed. Do not forget to look at the character limit before entering anything in the field in your QuickBooks.


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Using QuickBooks services can be a great deal for businesses of all sizes be it small, medium, or large ones. However, when you get caught up with this error, it may trouble you a lot. You have no idea how to fix it and this is something bothering you when you make use of the software. So, this list can surely help you! You can easily get rid of the API error and enjoy a seamless experience of the software.

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