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Best Floating Bluetooth Speaker Top 5 Review

For most music lovers; speakers are something that we take long time to consider before buying. We would like the best sound quality and ease of use. Other features like aesthetics and portability make us love the speakers all the more but not at the expense of the sound quality. Here we review the best floating Bluetooth speaker. These Floating Bluetooth speakers have been designed to come with awesome aesthetics and portability while still maintaining the best sound quality; giving the best experience to the users.

Best floating Bluetooth speaker Reviews

  1. SS-01 floating Levitating maglev Bluetooth Speaker from SAINSONIC (White)SS-01 floating Levitating maglev Bluetooth Speaker from SAINSONIC whiteView customers reviews and Pricing


2. SS-01 floating Levitating maglev Bluetooth Speaker from SAINSONIC Speaker (Black)

Levitating maglev Bluetooth Speaker from SAINSONICView customers reviews and Pricing

SainSonic boasts of this magical floating Bluetooth speaker orb with a light show. The speaker comes in two colors black or white. The orb allows one to enjoy quality sound for your music as well as adding an aesthetic view to your room by its light show. The volume of this speaker can be maxed out without the slightest distortion even when the orb is spinning. The orb can also be used separately from the base as a portable Bluetooth speaker. SS-01 has Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC ensuring that all smart devices can be paired with this device. Has a wireless range of up to 10 metres. Its base doubles up as a charging dock for tablets and smartphones; its base is connected to a direct power source. Has 360 degree sound; as it spins to ensure that everyone in the room gets the best music quality.

Pairing the device with a smart device is easy, having it levitate however requires a little practice ensuring that you follow all the instructions in the instruction manual.

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  1. Bluetooth 4.0 Waterproof, Portable, Wireless Bass Sound Box with Suction Pump from Whitelabel

Whitelabel Drop Waterproof Speaker View customers reviews and Pricing

Shower times comes with motivation to sing or listen to music, we are mostly at a disadvantage though because most of the speakers in the market are not water proof, they are bulky or sound quality is always dulled by running water. Well this small floating Bluetooth speaker with a suction cup changes all that.

This speaker is water proof, use it in the shower and sound quality will remain the same, over the running water you can enjoy the best sound quality with this speaker. The suction cup can stick to any surface wood, stone or glass comfortably ensuring the stability of the speaker so you can relax and enjoy your music. Suitable for use in wet areas, it is small, compact easy to take anywhere. Also a small beautiful design that would be a amazing addition to any room. This speaker comes with Bluetooth 4.0.

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  1. Maze’s waterproof, dust -proof shower floating Bluetooth speakerFloating Bluetooth Shower SpeakerView customers reviews and Pricing

Many Bluetooth speakers advertised as waterproof or water resistant do not always meet the expectations as the Maze waterproof floating Bluetooth speaker does. Welcome to a better showering experience with this portable speaker, with IPX7 rating this speaker is protected against harmful water intrusion up to a depth of 1 meter for about half an hour, this is a floating Bluetooth speaker which would considerably reduce the time under the water unless you hold it under.

Easy to pair the speaker with smart devices, awesome sound quality, control the volume on the speaker or with the smart device. Has a rechargeable battery using a USB or from a 5V AC adapter provided. The speaker has more rubber and less plastic reducing chances of breakage in case it falls.

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  1. Music Angel’s floating levitating maglev 360 Degree rotation bluetooth 4.0 speakers with built in Microphone & Touchable Panel

floating bluetooth speakersView customers reviews and Pricing

For the many fancy devices junkies this is a must have, small, compact and portable. You will be ready to start a party anywhere you are with this speaker. This floating Bluetooth speaker will leave you with a jaw dropping experience, small but includes 3D SURROUND SOUND a special sound guide cone offering distortion free sound quality. Looking for that night out in the club feel in your house the Amazing LED visual effects that this speaker provides makes you feel like you are in a dream world awesome color and light play while enjoying your music. This also makes this speaker a amazing addition to any room for aesthetic purposes. Easy to use as it pairs easily with all Bluetooth devices. An included microphone allows you to answer your incoming calls at a push of a button.

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