Here Are the Rarest Diamonds in The World

Do you know that there are rare diamonds that are even sold before they get to the processing companies? If you don’t know, I will give you an answer in simple terms. There are many rare colored diamondsin the world. These diamonds are of great value, and they are sold in tens of thousands of dollars, and the price can go up to millions. We know that fancy color diamonds are rare to find. And the is why they are highly priced and can even be sold before they are processed. Yellow diamonds are the most common colored diamonds. The demand for yellow diamonds is very high, and no other diamond can match its demand except the pink diamonds. Here are the rarest diamonds in the world.

Red diamonds

Red diamonds are the rarest diamonds you can find in the world. These diamonds are very scarce, and that is why they are hard to find. Pure red diamonds do not exist, but the available ones are fancy purplish red as well as the brownish red. These diamonds are priceless as a result of the combination of the high-quality 3Cs and the red color. Two popular red diamonds have ever been sold. These include; the Hancock Red and the Moussaieff Red Diamond. The value of these diamonds right now is extraordinary high.

Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds come second in the list of rarest diamonds in the world. There has been a stiff completion between blue and pink, but blue has proved to be rare compared to the pink which is more common. The Wittelsbach Graff and the Hope diamond are the most famous blue diamonds in the world.

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds come third when it comes the list of rarest diamonds in the world. Although they are rare to find, these diamonds have a high demand. The main reason for their high demand is that they look amazing and women like them because they enhance their beauty and looks. Many people consider pink diamonds as an investment as they are highly valued and have a high demand across the world. We have three popular pink diamonds and include the perfect Pink, Graff pink and Steinmetz Pink.

Orange and green diamonds

Orange diamonds joins the list of the most beautiful diamonds in the world. They come fourth in the list of rarest diamonds. These diamonds have low demand, but many experts know how worth they are. Green diamonds are fifth, and it can be difficult to tell if artificial color enhancements have been done on them to intensify the color.


From above it is evident that there are many rare diamonds in the world. Red is the rarest followed by blue and pink. The value of a red diamond is extremely high compared to other rarest diamonds. It is good to note that these rarest diamond are very expensive compared to common diamonds such as yellow and transparent ones. Most of these rare diamonds are taken as investments and a show of wealth when it comes to the most influential individuals across the world.

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