How Much Is a Yellow Diamond Worth?

People like wearing jewels made of high-quality materials such as gold and diamond. Diamond jewels look amazing on all people ranging from young to old. Thereare many different colors of diamonds, and that means jewels made of diamond come in different colors. There are pink diamonds, orange, red, yellow, green diamonds among many others in different colors. It is good to note that diamond prices vary with color, clarity, carat, and cut. Yellow diamonds are among the most popular diamonds you can find on the market. The question is; how much is a yellow diamond worth? Below is a detailed discussion of all you need to know about the yellow diamond’s worth.

What affects yellow diamond pricing

Diamond is a treasure. It is highly priced, and jewels made from diamond attract many people, but they are relatively expensive. It is good to note that diamonds have different colors. You can find one diamond with different colors. In the case of yellow diamonds, it is good to note that the colors may not be pure yellow. There is a scale that is used to determine the color. You will find colors such as fancy yellow, fancy deep yellow, fancy vivid yellow and so on. These diamonds are available at different prices. Colors with more intense yellow color attract higher prices compared to the others.

Another thing that will affect the price of yellow diamonds is the weight or carat. Diamond used to make a jewel is measured in carats, and you find that jewels with more carats attract higher prices. It is also good to note that cut of a diamond affects the price. Yellow diamonds cut well and have a fine shape attract higher prices compared to those cut poorly and have indefinite shapes. Another thing that affects the pricing of the yellow diamond is clarity. The clearer the color the better the prices. You will find that a diamond with some brown patches will be sold at lower prices compared to the one with a vivid yellow color.

Worth of yellow diamond

As we have seen color is the primary thing that affects the price of a yellow diamond. Fancy yellow diamonds are the most common known yellow diamonds and they have a clear hue. They are well priced, and 1 carat go for around $4500-$5000. Fancy deep yellow diamond is another type which has a unique color. The diamond is rare to find, and that makes its price to be higher compared to fancy yellow diamonds. On top of that, we have a fancy intense yellow diamond whose price is $6500-$8000. There are also highly valued yellow diamonds such as Vivid Yellow diamonds that go cost $20000-$30000 per carat.


From above it is evident that yellow diamonds are expensive. Their prices are affected by color, clarity, carat, and cut. We have seen that fancy yellow diamonds are not expensive compared to intense and vivid yellow diamonds. This is evident in jewelry stores where you find some yellow diamonds jewels are highly priced compared to others. I believe now you know how worth is a yellow diamond and what you expect when you go to buy yellow diamond jewels.

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