Are Colored Diamonds More Expensive? Let’s find out

There are many types of diamonds you can find on the market. You can find colorless diamonds as well as colored diamonds. Though colorless diamonds are considered of high quality, their prices are much less compared to their colored counterparts. Colored diamonds are of high value, and many of the diamonds are rare to find such as red and pink diamonds. Pure diamonds are colorless and transparent. These colored diamonds are formed as a result of some defection during the formation process. Some elements are added to the diamond during the formation process, and that results to the coloration. Are colored diamonds more expensive? Let’s find out.

A brief about various colored diamonds

As we have mentioned there are many types of colored diamonds. The colors range from green to yellow. It is important to note that colored diamonds are rare compared to colorless and white diamonds. The goods thing about these colored diamonds is that they are attractive and look amazing on people. Jewels made of colored diamonds are of high value, and many rich men and women wear them to look good as well as to show how wealthy they are. Many people take colored diamonds as an investment as many of them such as vivid yellow, blue, orange and pink are of extraordinary value. Red diamonds are the rarest to find, and they are the most expensive diamonds on the planet.

The prices of colored diamonds

It is important to note that diamond prices vary with color, carat, clarity, and cut. The primary factor that is used to determine the price of a diamond is the color. Red diamonds are the most expensive diamonds you can find on earth as they cost tens of thousands and can even cost millions. Blue diamonds come second in the price followed by pink and orange diamonds. Yellow diamonds are the most common diamonds you can find, and their prices are relatively lower compared to orange, pink and blue diamonds. The intensity of the color affects prices. It is good to note that there are several colors within the blue, pink, orange and even yellow. The more intense the color is of a diamond, the higher the prices.

why are colored diamonds more expensive?

We have seen that colored diamonds are more expensive compared to their colorless and white counterparts. The main reason that makes them be more expensive is their beautiful look. They look amazing and make jewel that looks great and of high quality. The second reason is that they are rare to find. Rarest diamond such as red diamond is very expensive. Some people even say that pure red diamond is priceless. Some of the colored diamonds have a high demand, and that affect their prices in one way or the other.


From the above we have seen that colored diamonds are more expensive than colorless and transparent ones. Their prices are high. Many people buy these diamonds to show their financial muscles. Some blue and pink diamond are only bought by a class of wealthy men and women who take diamonds as a store of wealth.

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