Are Yellow Diamonds Natural? Let’s Find Out

People buy diamond jewels to enhance their looks. On top of that, many people buy the jewels as a show of wealth as some diamonds are very expensive. Some of the jewels made of diamonds include necklaces, rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings, earring for men and many others. Yellow diamond jewels are the most popular, and you can find them in different jewelry stores across the world. The price of yellow diamonds isrelatively higher compared to colorless or white diamonds. Are yellow diamonds natural? This question is asked by many people, but in this article, we will answer. Below is a detailed discussion of all you need to know about yellow diamonds.

Why do diamonds have different colors?

It is good to note that diamonds occur in different colors such as yellow, blue, green, white, red, pink and many other colors. You will find diamonds with a combination of different colors. It is good to note that pure diamonds should have a transparent and colorless color. The different colors come in as a result of defects in the formation process. The defects have brought diamonds of different colors which is a good thing for people and the jewel industry as a whole.

Are yellow diamonds natural?

The answer to this questions is yes. All yellow diamonds you will find in the market are natural except the ones that are discolored by people who want to make more profits in the industry. Do you ask yourself how the color comes in as we have mentions that coloration comes as a result of defects in the formations process? If you do, we will give you an answer. The yellow color comes as a result of nitrogen. During the formation process, nitrogen can replace carbon atoms in the formation process, and that leads to the yellow colors. Believe it or not, some yellow diamonds have been found to have over 1% of nitrogen.

As we have seen yellow diamonds are formed naturally. They just turn yellow due to the presence of nitrogen in the diamond. The diamonds are rare to find, and you will find the best quality from top dealers across the world. Natural yellow diamonds are of high quality, and the color will last for the longest time possible. Buy natural yellow diamond jewel, and you will know how it feels to wear natural and high-quality yellow diamond jewels.

How are they priced?

The prices of yellow diamonds vary with the intensity of the color. You will find that fancy yellow diamonds are not expensive compared to fancy intense yellow diamonds. The most expensive yellow diamond is the vivid yellow diamond as it goes for over $20000 per carat.


From the above we have seen that yellow diamonds are natural. The yellow color comes as a result of the presence of nitrogen in the diamond. Yellow diamonds make high-quality jewels such as bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces and rings that are liked by many people across the world. The prices are good, and all the jewels made of yellow diamond are highly durable.

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