Diamonds are available in different colors. We have red, orange, green, blue and even yellow colored diamonds. Pure diamond is colorless and transparent. Transparent and white diamonds are more common compared to colored diamonds. Colored diamonds are formed as a result of some defects that happen during the formation process. They have other foreign elements that affect the color such as nitrogen. As a result, many diamonds are given names according to their colors. What is a canary diamond? This question is popular, and we will answer it in this article. Below is a detailed discussion of what is a canary diamond and many other things you need to know about the diamond.

A brief about canary diamond

Canary diamonds are also known as yellow diamonds. These are pure yellow diamonds with a strong shade. These diamonds are shiny and come with a unique yellow color that jewel lovers like. Canary diamonds have different colors. The primary color is yellow, but you may find that the intensity of the color varies. We have fancy yellow diamonds, fancy intense yellow and fancy vivid yellow diamonds. The colors are not limited to these as there is a color scale that is used to identify yellow diamonds and their counterparts. Canary diamonds are used to make a wide range of jewels such as engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and even bracelets.

It is important to ask why are these diamonds yellow whereas pure diamond is transparent. Yellow diamonds have the color as a result of nitrogen present in the diamond. The nitrogen attached itself to the diamond during the formation process. Although there are many processes involved, the essential thing to know is that nitrogen is responsible for the yellow color in canary or yellow diamonds. This is a defect that takes place during the formation process.

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Where to find canary or yellow diamonds

Yellow diamonds, like many other colored diamonds, are rare to find. But you will find many jewels in leading stores selling jewels made of yellow as well as other colored diamonds. Yellow diamond is sourced from different parts of the world such as Brazil, Central Africa, South Africa, Australia, Congo, and even Sierra Leone. These are the main places where the yellow diamond is sourced.

What do canary diamonds represent?

The canary diamond represents a wide range of things. One of the things is that it represents happiness as well as cheerfulness. On top of that, the diamond represents prosperity, love as well as devotion. This is why many people nowadays are going for canary diamond rings for engagements as well as weddings. Also, the diamond represents humility, friendship, and hope.


From above it is evident that canary diamond is one of the fascinating diamonds you can find in the market. The diamond makes jewels of unmatched quality. The jewels are attractive, shiny and above all represent love and happiness. Jewels made of yellow or canary diamond are readily available in leading online jewelry stores as well as leading jewelry stores across the world. They are well priced and can be used as a show of wealth in some communities.

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