A makeup mirror is one of the essential makeup tools women need to have. The mirror is used when applying makeup, tweezing, and removingblackheads. You need a portable makeup mirror that can be used at home and on the go. On top of that, you need a lighted cosmetic mirror that can be used in places that are not well lit or at night. Mirrex Portable Lighted Mirror with Wireless Charging is one of the best makeup mirrors you need to have. Below is a description of this High Definition Cosmetic Lighted Up Mirror by Mirrex.

Nowadays, ladies, as well as men who like makeup, prefer lighted cosmetic mirrors. For that reason, Mirrex has brought a makeup mirror with super bright LED lights. This makes the mirror the best on the market as you can use it at any time anywhere. On top of the super bright lights, the mirror comes with three brightness modes; Dim, Moderate, and Bright. The three modes make the mirror ideal for daily skin care, full makeup, and detailed makeup application.

  • Features 5X magnifying ability

When applying makeup, removing blackheads or tweezing, you need to have a high magnifying mirror that clearly shows your face. Mirrex Portable Lighted Makeup Mirror comes with five levels of magnification. The cosmetic mirror will allow you to apply makeup in the right way. On top of that, the high magnifying power makes the mirror a must-have when eyebrow shaping, applying eyeliner, tweezing as well as other skin care procedures that require high magnification.

  • Wireless charging function

On top of having LED lights and high magnifying ability, this High Definition Cosmetic Lighted Up Mirror by Mirrex comes with a wireless charging function. If your mirror has charge, you can use it to chargeiOS, or Android device. You need to pair the mirror with the device you want to charge, and it will charge 2X faster than using a regular charger.

  • Portable and durable

This unique cosmetic mirror is small and light in weight. Therefore, you can take it with you wherever you go and use it comfortably. As a result, this cosmetic mirror by Mirrex is travel-friendly. On top of the small and light design, this mirror is anti-scratch.

About Mirrex

Mirrex is a top company making high tech mirrors. Most of our mirrors come with unique designs and are durable. On top of that, our advanced mirrors come with super bright lights, wireless charging function, and high magnification power. Our main aim is to bring unique mirrors that serve you right when applying makeup, tweezing, or taking care of your face and hair.

Final words

Mirrex Portable Lighted Mirror with Wireless Charging is an extraordinary makeup mirror. You can use it at any time as it features super bright lights as well as high magnification power. Therefore, by this High Definition Cosmetic Lighted Up Mirror by Mirrex and you will not be disappointed.

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