Mirrex Portable Lighted Makeup Mirror is one of the best makeup mirrors on the market. It has become trendy in the recent past as a result of its unique features. The mirror features LED lighting, high magnification power, among other features. On top of that, this mirror by Mirrex has a unique design that is liked by people. Below is a detailed discussion of why this is a good mirror for you, including what people look for when buying makeup mirrors.

What people look for when searching for makeup mirrors

Searching for the right makeup mirror is not an easy task. There are many brands on the market, and each brand has different features as well as functions. However, when you know the qualities of a good makeup mirror, you will quickly pick the right one. First, people want to buy slim and lightweight makeup mirrors. Such size will fit in any handbag or purse. On top of that, people want makeup mirrors with high magnification ability. This feature allows one to precisely apply makeup or work on the face for beauty enhancement with precision. Furthermore, people want lighted makeup mirrors.

Why is this Mirrex lighted mirror good for you?

  • Portable and durable

As mentioned above, people want to have makeup mirrors that they can use at home and on the go. For that reason, this Mirrex mirror is well designed to fit in a small handbag or purse. As a result, you can carry it wherever you go. In short, it is a good choice when traveling. On top of the design, this mirror is durable. It comes with a strong finishing that is scratchproof. Also, the mirror can’t break easily.

  • Has lights

Sometimes it is a bit hard to apply makeup when you are in a place that is not well lit. You need to use a torch or any other source of light when applying makeup. However, with Mirrex Portable Lighted Makeup Mirror, you are sorted. The mirror comes with super bright lights that will help you to see your face better when tweezing, removing blackheads, or even applying makeup.

  • 5X magnifying ability

This is a unique mirror with high magnification power. When you use this mirror, you will see fine details of your face, including facial wrinkles, spots, blackheads as well as unwanted hairs. Therefore, you can comfortably apply detailed makeup, control blackheads, or remove unwanted hairs with the help of the mirror.

  • Has a wireless quick charging function

On top of being a mirror, this magic makeup mirror is a portable charger. When your phone runs out of charge, you can use it to charge the phone. Imagine, it charges 2X faster than the ordinary charger. This function makes the mirror a must-have makeup tool when traveling.


Mirrex Portable Lighted Makeup Mirror comes with a portable design. You can use it at any time anywhere thanks to the LED lights. On top of all that, you can use it as a wireless charger to charge your Android phone. Therefore, it is the best makeup mirror you have been looking for.

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