In this review, we will be discussing the Braun series 7 760cc shaver. This Braun series 7 shaver is much more improved and advanced than the Braun 7526 syncro system shaver.

This shaver is much quieter than the previous models.

The Braun 7-760cc Shaver has pulsonic technology which provides more than ten thousand micro vibrations per minute. These vibrations cause the skin to ripple, therefore exposing more hair which ensures a clean shave, even in problem areas.

Braun series 7 760cc shaver automatically charges whenever you place it back on the cleaning system, a lot more superior than the previous models where you had to manually select, charge, each instance.

There are some nice improvements: the body is simpler to hold, the battery is better, and also the cleaning system has additional options.

Braun series 7 760cc shaver gives a shave as close as an electric shaver can, and it works well in problem areas such as the angles of the lower jaw and the throat.

The cleaning system also is of great benefit as it cleans, charges lubricates and disinfects the shaver with merely a press of a button.

Although this electric shaver originally came only in the silver and white colors, which are not that good looking, Braun made a black version which is available at




  • Automatic Worldwide Voltage-Adjustment (100-240V) – You can use the Braun series 7 760cc electric shaver from anywhere in the world, it automatically adjusts to the correct voltage from the wall outlet used in that country.
  • ActiveLift – Braun’s creative and patented ActiveLift was particularly designed for problematic areas. This Braun series 7 pulsonic shaver has an innovative oscillating middle trimmer that Lifts & cuts flat-lying hairs, for a clean and thorough shave, especially in problem areas.
  • Cordless shaving – You can shave from anywhere in the house or from anywhere in the world for 50 minutes before the battery runs out.
  • OptiFoil – This Braun series 7 electric shaver has advanced foil which assists to capture hairs growing in various directions and make it easier to cut them closer and quicker than ever before.
  • Fully Flexible Shaving System – This electric shaver’s distinctive blend of pivoting head & floating cutting foils guarantees the utmost facial adaptability.
  • Washable – Easily washable under running tap water.
  • Triple Action Cutting System – Braun series 7 760cc shaver’s Triple-Action-Cutting-System has three unique cutting elements which operate concurrently to cut long hair as effortlessly as short hair.
  • Clean and Renew System – By just pressing a button the cleaning unit cleans, dries, charges and lubricates the shaver to maintain and keep it like new each and every day.
  • Innovative Pulsonic Technology – Braun’s revolutionary pulsonic technology produces ten thousand micro vibrations which help capture additional hair with each and every stroke for the most thorough and effortless shave.
  • Display – The Bruan Series 7 760cc electric shaver has a Liquid crystal display for battery condition & hygiene-LED 5+1 for battery status
  • Personalization Modes – Braun series 7 760cc shaver has additional sensitive & intensive modes for the diverse and distinctive facial zones, which ensures a clean shave.
  • The Good vs The Bad


  • It’s a bit pricey, but you get so much more for what you pay for.
  • You have to buy the cleaning fluid replacement cartridges very 4 to 5 weeks
  • The silver and white colors are not as nice as the black on black of the Braun 7526 shaver, but it now comes in black as well.




  • Gives a close and clean shave, compared to other electric shavers in the same class.
  • Has an automatic cleaning system, so you don’t have to clean it manually.
  • Easy to open, if you want to clean it manually.
  • The body is much easier to hold and grip
  • Has a power cord option, if you forget to charge it you can use it as a corded shaver.
  • Automatically charges when you place it back on the cleaning unit.
  • No skin irritation, as compared to other electric shavers.
  • Shaves good even on problem areas like the neck and other hard to shave areas
  • The Battery is improved
  • World’s first shaver brand with an ENERGY STAR-qualified battery charger,
  • The Bruan series 7 760cc shaver can be washed under running water.
  • Produces over 10 000 micro-vibrations which cause hair to ripple and lift, which ensures a close shave with every stroke.
  • Has automatic voltage adjustment, can be used and charged in any country.
  • Has an LCD display
  • Forms to your face nicely

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