All You Need to Know about Yoga Mudras by Yogateket

Yoga is highly recommended by therapists to those people who want to live quality lives. Yoga involves various breathing practices, meditations, various body postures as well as hand gestures. All these practice target to increase smooth energy flow in the body and promote mental health. Some yoga practices help in strengthening muscles while others can help get rid of stress as well as pain. Yoga Mudras are special hand gestures you can do during your yoga sessions. Below is a detailed discussion about several yoga Mudras you should do, and why Yogateket is the best site for online yoga Mudras training.

Basic Yoga Mudras you need to practice

Yoga mudras are hand gestures that come with a dozen benefits. Gyan Mudra is one of the basic yoga Mudras. This mudra reduces depression and tension. It is very calming, boosts concentration, improves nervous system and memory power. Vayu Mudras is another yoga practice that helps in reducing the air element of the body. This Mudra help in calming an anxious mind and plays a significant role in controlling nervousness. Prana Mudra is another essential Mudra that focuses on energy. The mudra provides energy and health. On top of that, it removes tiredness and boosts the immune system.

Shunya mudra helps in reducing the body’s space element. Practicing this Mudra on a regular basis can play a significant role in reducing watering of eyes and clears ear pain. It also improves hearing, reduce heart-related diseases and can strengthen bones. Apan Mudra is another essential yoga Mudra suitable for heart diseases as well as the stomach. It a great option to detoxify your body. Linga mudra, Varun Mudra and Surya Mudra are other yoga Mudras that you should incorporate in your yoga practices.

Why Select Yogateket for online yoga Mudras classes?

  • Highly experienced instructors

Yogateket is one of the best sites that offers quality online classes for yoga. The site has the best instructors with vast experience in the industry. On top of that, the instructors value the clients and help them in every way possible to enjoy the yoga classes. They follow up to see that you are enjoying and benefiting from the classes.

  • Offers a wide range of yoga classes

Yogateket doesn’t not only specialize on yoga Mudras, it also specializes on other yoga practices such as pranayama, Ashtanga, uddiyana bandha among others. If you want to learn the above Yoga mudras under the guidance of an instructor, Yogateket is the best site for that.  On top of that, you can learn many other yoga exercises that can improve your mental and physical health on the site.

  • Offers free trial classes

Yogateket offers new clients free trail tutorials for a wide range of yoga practices. You can try the free tutorials and classes, and if you are satisfied, you can easily pay for the yoga course that suits your needs and body.


Yoga Mudras come with many benefits. You can learn how to do the exercises on Yogateket and your life will take a new turn. Learn how to do the Mudras among many other yoga practices on Yogateket in a simple and convenient way; online.

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