Life has really changed because of the new world pandemic – Coronavirus (COVID-19). Businesses and how people interact have changed worldwide because of this respiratory disease that has claimed so many people’s lives, a million plus infected. What can you do to stay safe from COVID-19? Well, here are tips for you.

1. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently

Covid-19 virus survives on surfaces for hours or even days. When you touch a contaminated surface with your hands and touch your nose, mouth or eyes, you are likely to get infected. In addition, if you shake hands with a person whose hands are contaminated with the virus, and then touch you face, you are likely to get infected. Therefore, you should thoroughly and frequently clean your hands with soap and running water. You can also use alcohol-based hand sanitizers to kill the virus. Observing the hygiene of your hands will keep you safe from the deadly virus.

2. Observe social distancing

You can also get Coronavirus through cough and sneezing droplets from an infected person.  The droplets are heavy, and may not reach a person 3-feet away (1 meter). Therefore, it’s advisable to keep distance from persons with flu or cold-like symptoms. Also, when in public, it’s advisable to observe social distancing as some people may have the virus but don’t have the symptoms. Keeping one-meter distance from one person to the other in public is working great for many countries in the world.

3. Avoid touching your face

Although you are likely to touch your face more often, you can avoid that. You don’t know the surfaces you touch whether they are contaminated with the virus or not. Therefore, the best thing you can do to stay safe is to avoid touching your face with hands or any other thing that can be contaminated.

4. Wear a face mask

Medical professionals are advised to wear PPEs that include surgical or medical masks to avoid contracting Coronavirus when handling infected patients. Also, infected as well as uninfected persons are advised by their governments and health professionals to wear face masks to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Many countries are in need of surgical or medical face masks. As a result, there are many companies out there offering medical or surgical face mask making machines to help save the situation.

Where to get a medical face mask making machine?

Medical professionals as well as people all over the world must use face masks at this difficult time. As a result, the demand for medical face masks has gone up high. It is advisable for government and well-wishers to avail masks to the population. The best way to avail surgical and medical face masks right now is to make them locally. You can easily get a machine to make medical or surgical face masks in large quantities. At TESTEX, you can get top quality machines for mass production of surgical or medical face masks.

Final Words

COVID-19 is here with us. It’s upon us to follow the above tips to remain safe. Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, wear face mask, and maintain social distancing to avoid this deadly disease. You can also help others by getting a medical face mask making machine. Surgical or medical face masks are needed in most parts of the world. You can buy the machine from TESTEX, make medical or surgical face masks for your people and country. It can also be your business right now as many businesses have closed doors.

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