Yoga has become very popular. Many people are practicing many yoga poses and breathing exercises that help them relax and improve mental health. Yoga comes with many other benefits that range from stress relieve to promotion of energy flow in the body. There are many poses as well as practices though they are classified in different categories. Sankrit names yoga are difficult to master, and that is why Yogateket has come with a list that helps people know the English names of the most common yoga poses as well as practices.

How are yoga pose and practices categorized?

yoga poses and breath practices are categorized mostly according to the position of the body. With that you will find that there are standing, forward folds, seated yoga poses, backbends among others. The poses are very many and that is why we have very many Sanskrit names.  Below is a brief discussion of Sanskrit names in the various categories of yoga postures and practices.

  • Standing Asanas

These yoga poses teach you the foundational actions for all the other categories of yoga postures. In may involve stretching the spine, straightening and extending legs, straitening and extending arms among other things. Here are some of the Sanskrit names matched with English names; Arshachandrasan – half-moon pose, Ekapadarajakapotasana–one legged king Pidgeon pose, Garudasana – eagle pose and Natarajasana – lord of the dance pose.

  • Forward folds

Forward folds are essential when it comes to stretching the spine. It involves pressing hands down and forward, stretching the spine and straightening the legs. These folds take time and you should be patient if you want to enjoy their benefits. Ardhauttanasana – standing half forward bend pose, ardhakurmasana – half tortoise pose, adhomukhasvanasana – download dog and Ananda balasana – happy baby pose are good examples of Sanskrit names matched with English common names.

  • Back bends

These postures are helpful to develop strenth and flexibility of the spine. It doesn’t involve much and there are very many poses under this category.Ardhabhekasana – half frog pose andBhujangasana- cobra pause are good examples.

  • Others

You will find that there are many other Sanskrit names for yoga poses and practices in Twists, arm balancing asanas, inversions, seated yoga postures, asanas in prone position and core categories. There are specific names, and you can learn the English names of the Sanskrit names on Yogateket. With the English names, it becomes easy to understand Sanskrit names yoga.

Is Yogateket one of the best sites for online yoga training?

Yes, Yogateket is a top site that has all it takes to train various yoga poses as well as breathing practices to interested people around the world. The site has the right team with vast experience and certifications to train yoga postures, meditation as well as breathing practices. You can also find Sanskrit names yoga list which will help you understand various asanas. On top of that, it offers a wide range of yoga classes that can change your life.

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